How To Get A Jazz Tax Certificate Online In Pakistan?

How To Get A Jazz Tax Certificate Online In Pakistan?

If you are a jazz customer and confused about how to get your tax certificate, read on!

A telecom tax certificate is necessary to file tax papers or for other legal matters. However, if you are a Jazz customer, you don’t need to bother about it. It always works for customer satisfaction and consolation and the same its services reflect.

Sometimes it becomes extremely tough to take out some time to visit even a nearby franchise. In such situations, you are looking for easy and precise ways.

Therefore, Jazz facilitates its users to get their withholding tax certificate online without any hesitation at any time, any place.

Indeed,  it is a time-efficient process as you don’t need to stand in any queue or wait in front of its customer service center.

You can get the jazz tax certificate quickly in two convenient ways. One is on WhatsApp, and the other is through the Jazz World Application.

Besides, through these methods, you can receive your certificate instantly with no complex or complicated procedure.

This writing will tell you the complete details about these two procedures to help you to get it.

How To Get A Jazz Tax Certificate Online In Pakistan With Jazz World App?

It will be amazing for you to know that your tax certificate is now just at a few clicks distance.

For this, you just need to open the Jazz World application, and from here, you can obtain your telecom tax papers without any charges.

The Jazz app, with its simple interface, facilitates the users with the best services. To proceed with this method, follow the mentioned instructions.

  1. Firstly, download the Jazz World app on your mobile from Google Play Store.
  2. When you open it, the home screen will appear; tap on the three small lines on the upper right corner.
  3. From the options list, tap on “Support”.
How To Get A Jazz Tax Certificate Online In Pakistan
  1. Now tap the “Tax Certificate”  option from the list.
How To Get A Jazz Tax Certificate Online In Pakistan1
  1. Then select the year of which you require the tax certificate.
How To Get A Jazz Tax Certificate Online In Pakistan
  1. Finally, tap on the “download button”.

After the completion of its downloading procedure, you’ll get your certificate on your mobile.

How To Get A Jazz Tax Certificate On Whatsapp In Pakistan?

Jazz always tries to keep itself at one step forward, and its active WhatsApp service shows it. To obtain your tax deduction certificate, below, we’ve put down the simple steps you need to follow.

How To Get A Jazz Tax Certificate Online In Pakistan
  1. Whatsapp number: 0300-3008000
  2. Send “Hi” on the given number on Whatsapp.
  3. Then it’ll ask you about the service you want by giving  you a list of services as shown below:

1. Data Bundles

2. All In One Bundle

3. Package and Tariff Details

4. Balance and Usage Details

5. Call and Recharge History

6. Account Recharge

7. Tax Certificate

8. International Roaming Info

9. Latest Promotions

10. Coronavirus Updates

  • To get tax certificates to type 7 and reply to it.
  • After  1or 2 minutes you’ll receive it, or sometimes it can take more time to reply back. 


Jazz is one of the best telecom companies and always strives to create things simpler and easier for its users. You can receive your jazz tax-paying certificate online without any complex and annoying procedure with the described methods.

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