Top 10 Cheapest Jazz Daily Internet Package 1GB (Best for You)


Jazz needs no introduction as it is the most preferred mobile network in Pakistan for browsing, connecting, and communicating. With over 70 Million subscribers, Jazz is the leading mobile network in Pakistan. It offers incredible call, SMS, and internet services to keep the trust of its customers. From calls and SMS offers and triple advance possibility to Jazz daily internet package 1GB, its customers get all the privileges. 

Jazz data roaming allows its subscribers to continue using social services even when they are away from their home internet. Today, we will mainly discuss Jazz 24 hour internet packages along with some monthly and weekly packages. Read below to find the amazing Jazz internet packages per day, week, and month to browse with no hassle. 

10 Best Daily Jazz Internet Package 1GB and More

10 Best Daily Jazz Internet Package 1GB

Jazz 24-Hour Internet Package for Facebook and WhatsApp

The daily social package contains 500 MB of data for Facebook and WhatsApp in only Rs7. Dial *114*5# to subscribe to this package. 

Jazz Daily Internet Package 1 GB for Facebook

Get Jazz 1 day net package 1GB to enjoy scrolling Facebook daily for just Rs10. The Facebook offer’s Jazz 1-day internet package code is *220*3*1#.

AIO Jazz 24-hour Internet Package

Get flat 250 MB data with unlimited Jazz minutes and 1000 SMS. Dial *6000# to subscribe to this offer for just Rs12.

Pocket-Friendly Jazz Daily Internet Package 1GB Flat

Going outside for some urgent work and having no data to use Google Maps or contact someone on WhatsApp? No need to worry because in this package, you will get flat 1 GB of internet to use on all apps for an entire hour. The amazing thing is you can subscribe to this offer for more than once in a day. Dial *638# to subscribe and get 1 GB for the next hour. 

Flat 50mb Daily Internet

Need a package for flat data to surf on Apps without any restriction? This is one of the best jazz internet packages per day, which provides 50 MB of flat data. Subscribe to this offer for only Rs20 by dialing *117*11#.

AIO Jazz Daily Package 

Subscribe to the all-in-one jazz 24-hour internet package for just Rs 21. Jazz 1-day internet package code for this offer is *400# or *522# or *291#, and you will get 250 flat data with unlimited on-net minutes and 1500 SMS. 

Daily Social Jazz 1 Day Net Package 1GB+

Want to use YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp every day? Get 1.5 GB of data for these social apps to surf freely for only Rs 27. Dial *968# to subscribe and enjoy this amazing and pocket-friendly offer. 

AIO Jazz Package for Daily Users

Get 500 MB data, 500 Jazz minutes, 5 off-net minutes, and 500 SMS, all this in only Rs35 AIO Jazz 24 hour internet package. Ready to subscribe to the offer? Dial *558# now. 

2GB Jazz Internet Packages per Day 

In this amazing Jazz internet package, you will get 2 GB of internet for 1 day, and that too for just Rs35. Subscribe to this offer by dialing *757#.

Flat Data Jazz Daily Internet Package 1GB

Get 1GB of flat data to browse and surf through any app and website any time during the day. If you want to subscribe to this package for only Rs42, dial *117*4# today. 

S. NoData Volume & OthersPriceDurationSubscription Code
1500 MB (FB and WhatsApp)Rupees 71 Day*114*5#
21 GB FBRupees 101 Day*220*3*1#
3250 flat MBs, unlimited Jazz mins, 1000 smsRupees121 Day*6000#
41 GB flat internet Rupees151 Hour*638#
550 MB flat internet Rupees 201 Day117*11#
6250 flat Rupees211 Day*522# or *400# or *291#
71.5 GB (YouTube, FB, and WhatsApp)Rupees 271 Day*968#
8500 flat MBs, 500 Jazz minutes, 5 other network minutes, and 500 SMS Rupees 351 Day*558#
92GB dataRupees 351 Day*757#
101GB flat internetRupees 421 Day*117*4#

4 Best Weekly Jazz Internet Packages + 1 Value 15-Day Jazz Package

15-Day Jazz Package

Package 1

This package offers 5 GB of internet for an entire week, which you can use for everything from browsing to using any social sites. Along with internet GBs, you additionally get 1000 all-network minutes and 1000 SMS, all this in Rs 173. Dial *545# to avail the weekly package # 1.

Package 2

The second weekly internet AIO is an all-in-one package. In this package, you get 3GB of internet, 90 other network minutes, 1000 Jazz minutes, and 1000 SMS. Dial *700# to subscribe to weekly package # 2 for only Rs260.

Package 3 

The all-in-one Weekly Super Offer includes 8 GB of data (for all apps and websites). Plus, you get 120 off-net minutes and 1000 on-net minutes with 1000 SMS for the week. Subscribe to this amazing weekly package # 3 in Rs345 by dialing *505#. 

Package 4

If you’re a heavy internet user with loads of work that requires internet service, this is the ideal Jazz Weekly offer for you. This package for Rs 390 comes with a hefty 15 GB internet + 1000 SMS for a week. You also get 1000 on-network and 150 off-network minutes. Dial *525# to subscribe to weekly package # 4.

Jazz 15-Day Internet Package

Jazz 15-Day Internet Package

Take the load off your shoulders by subscribing to the 15-Day AIO package. This package includes 10 GB of data, 2500 Jazz minutes, 250 other network minutes, and 2500 SMS. Dial *515# to subscribe to this all-in-one 15-day package for just Rs520.

S. NoData Volume & OthersPriceDurationSubscription Code
15 GB flat internet, 1000 all-network minutes, and 1000 SMSRupees 1737 Days*545#
23GB flat data, 90 off-net mins, 1000 Jazz mins, and 1000 SMSRupees 2607 Days*700#
38GB data, 120 other network mins, and 1000 Jazz mins+SMSRupees 3457 Days*505#
415GB internet, 150 off-net mins, 1000 Jazz mins and 1000 SMS Rupees 3907 Days*525#
510GB flat data, 250 off-net mins, 2500 Jazz mins+SMSRupees 52015 Days*515#

5 Best Monthly Jazz Internet Packages 

Monthly Internet Package for all Apps 

This package offers 3 GB monthly data for all websites and apps. Dial *709# to avail this package for just Rs260 for an entire month. 

Monthly AIO Gaming and Social Package

Here, we have an offer for those who want to enjoy their gaming sessions without lag. This monthly package comes with 10 GB of internet for Facebook, WhatsApp, and the GameNow App so that you can enjoy both gaming and surfing on FB. In addition, you get 50 off-net minutes, 300 on-net minutes, and 1000 SMS. Dial *617# to subscribe to this amazing AIO monthly package for just Rs313.

YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp Exclusive 

In this monthly social exclusive internet package, the subscribers get 15 GB of data for YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Other than that, 50 other network minutes, 300 Jazz minutes, and SMS take care of the monthly connectivity needs of customers. To avail this monthly offer for only Rs348, dial *620# now! 

Monthly Internet for YouTube, Facebook, and Tiktok

If you love watching videos on TikTok and YouTube, this package is for you. In this package, you will get 20 GB of data for YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. Plus, you get 100 other network minutes, 500 Jazz minutes, and SMS for 30 days. You can subscribe to the monthly video and social internet package for just Rs434 by dialing *625#.

AIO Super Duper Monthly Jazz Internet Package

In this monthly package, you get 8 GB of internet with no restrictions for any app. You can use this data for all websites and apps with no hassle. Moreover, you get 300 off-net minutes and 3000 on-net minutes and SMS. If you want to avail this offer of Rs868 for 30 days, dial the code *706#.

S. NoData Volume & OthersPriceDurationSubscription Code
13GB flat data for all appsRupees 26030 Days*709#
210GB data (FB, WhatsApp, GameNow App), 50 off-net mins, 300 Jazz mins, and 1000 SMSRupees 31330 Days*617#
315GB (YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp), 50 off-net mins, 300 Jazz mins+SMS Rupees 34830 Days*620#
420GB Data(TikTok, YouTube, Facebook), 100 off-net mins, 500 Jazz mins+SMSRs.43430 Days*625#
58GB flat data, 300 off-net mins, 3000 Jazz mins+SMSRs.86830 Days*706#

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, Jazz offers a wide range of monthly, weekly, and daily internet packages with data, minutes, and SMS allowances. From Jazz daily internet package 1GB to weekly 5GB and monthly 20 GB, Jazz provides different packages to meet every user’s budget and requirements. Feel free to subscribe to any of the Jazz 24-hour internet packages and keep your contact with your friends and family intact when you are away from home.

Enjoy internet daily with Jazz Daily!



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