Significance Of 23 March Pakistan Day


For any Pakistani, forgetting the day of March 23 has proved to be not a true Pakistani. Do you know the significance of March 23 and what important decision was taken for Pakistan on that day? Today I will tell you the significance of 23 March Pakistan Day.

Pakistan came into being on the same day that the first Hindu in India accepted Islam. This is about a time when Muslim rule was not established here. The basis of the nationality of Muslims is the homeland and race of the word Tawhid. When the first person of India became a Muslim, he was no longer a member of the first nation, he became a member of a separate nation, and a new nation came into being in India.

The annual meeting of the All India Muslim League in 1940 in which the formal concept of bi-national ideology was presented.

The meeting began on the evening of March 21 and on March 22, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in his presidential address, made it clear that “to explain this is to understand the real situation and reality of our Hindu-friendly Islam and Hinduism. Why are you unable to, is a big problem.

I don’t think both of them are religion in any definite and literal sense but in fact they are social and societal norms and it is a misunderstanding that only Hindus and Muslims can form a single nation. Hindus and Muslims belong to two separate religious philosophies, social customs and scholarly literary heritage. These two nations can neither marry nor eat together.

In fact, these two nations belong to different civilizations. The other aspects of life and survival are very different from each other and also the epic history of both is different, the heroes of both are different, the circumstances and events of both are also different, but even a nation. The hero of one nation is the enemy of another nation and the enemy of one nation is the hero of another nation.

Putting such nations into one empire is a completely wrong decision. “Muslims are a separate nation and no matter how much the tea nation is praised for it, they are a nation, for that they should have their own homeland, they should have their own country and their own kingdom.”

On March 23, a memorable tenant Lahore, also known as Resolution Pakistan, was presented. Sher-e-Bengal Abul Qasim presented this resolution. After the presentation of this resolution, Chaudhry Khaliq-ul-Zaman was the first to support it, followed by Maulana Zafar Ali Khan, Sardar Aurangzeb Khan, Sir Haji Abdullah Haroon, Nawab Ismail Khan, Qazi Muhammad Issa, and II Chandragar. Announced support for the resolution.

After this confession, the struggle of the Muslims for the establishment of Pakistan was made clear and the struggle of the Muslims for independence was intensified and finally, on August 14, 1947, an independent Islamic state “Pakistan” was established in the subcontinent.

March 23 is a happy day for all of us. Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, hosts an important event on March 23. In which the President, Prime Minister and other high ranking officials of Pakistan are the special guests.

In addition, parades are organized by the Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, and Pakistan Air Force, which thousands and millions of people look forward to seeing. On March 23, government and important buildings are illuminated and even the streets are decorated like brides.

In Pakistan, March 23 is a public holiday. Our country is a great country and this great country is our identity, our foundation, our love, our honor, and everything. Therefore, keeping in view the natural blessings of this country and innumerable other virtues think only for the development of Pakistan and dedicate you to it.

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