ADVERTISE WITH US is gradually becoming the most popular web destination in Pakistan for individuals of all ages, including professionals, business leaders, and students. Thousands of people visited when it launched in March 2019 and took advantage of the various services it offered – all for free! If you’re interested in learning more about, go here and better know about it yourself.

Finding great websites on the internet is becoming increasingly challenging, particularly finding one relevant to our culture, community, and lifestyle while also having information in our everyday spoken language, Urdu, and English – a difficult challenge. is only an attempt to address this need for all segments of our population. An Anglo-Urdu website offers all of the tools and information needed for people’s daily needs and interests.

Advertisements on include the following: allows you to promote your business to a significant segment of Pakistan’s population. Your advertisement will also be delivered to a worldwide audience of Pakistani and Urdu readers.

The goal of introducing this approach is to increase the average age of viewers and consumer interest. Our website serves as a central “hub” where customers may search for their various demands and needs. Advertising with us will assist you in gaining a solid market approach and a market share and percentage.

Our site offers very successful advertising techniques to fulfill the needs of all customers. Our clients have the option of selecting from three different sorts of adverts. Employ any or all of the above categories. You will be able to cater to your target market and extend your reach to existing customers.

• Both a standard banner ad and a Rich Media Interactive ad are available.

• Commercials in the background

• Business sponsorships

Rich Media Interactive Ads vs. Standard Banner Ads

CPM-based advertising is available on, allowing you to create a high-impact advertising campaign utilizing standard and rich media formats. This versatility may be done by combining a variety of advertising units to aid you in establishing a solid advertising campaign that reaches your target audiences and meets your objectives using a powerful web advertising platform.

Promotional Background

Background advertising, sometimes known as “skinning,” has long been a popular kind of marketing. Such campaigns aim to break through the clutter on the provided site so that the advertising is seen. They aren’t always visually pleasing, yet many individuals swear by them when reaching out to a target demographic. On, background advertising is now available.


Sponsorship is a cost-effective and one-of-a-kind approach to reach out to your target audience and keep your brand in their minds. We now have sponsorship opportunities in the Dream Team & Cricket Section for marketers targeting cricket enthusiasts, the Finance & News Section for advertising targeting professionals and the business community, and the Recipes Section for advertisers targeting foodies. If you’d like to learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please get in touch with us.

If you have a query regarding advertising or would like further information, please contact:

The Project Manager is Saleem Ahmad.

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Phone number +92 333 7564976