How To Download Wifi Hacker In Pakistan?

How To Download Wifi Hacker In Pakistan?

Undoubtedly, the Internet is today’s need, and many daily tasks depend on it, either you want to prepare a college assignment or an office presentation.

Therefore, everyone desired to have a stable internet connection, and that’s why you are here. In this writing, we’ll reveal the secret that how you can hack wifi in Pakistan.

Usually, when you search for a way to crack a Wifi password, you come across 1000 results.

However, not all of them work, plus it will be annoying for you to check all these tools to find a working one. Thus we’ve put down the best functional tools that will enable you to enjoy free wifi.

Before going on the main topic, there are a few aspects you need to know.

Network Authentication

Almost all the devices are enabled to find these wireless networks in their detecting radius. But most of these are protected by security passwords.

Let’s discuss these tool’s type and wireless security a bit to get a better understanding of the given tools.

There are two types of wireless cracking tools that you should know.

Sniffing tools: Basically, these tools are utilized for monitoring what’s going on in the networks. It gives information like traffic, its speed or safety status etc.

WEP/WPA keys cracking tools: In simple words, these tools are used to break the security of systems to hack their passwords. With some essential resources, hackers can get wireless network WEP/WPA keys through which they get access to that network.

Here we’ll discuss the best WEP/WPA keys cracking tools to get unlimited access to these tools. If you are not familiar with the terms, WEP and WPA must read about them first.


WEP and WPA are the two main security protocols used in Wifi LAN.

Wired Equivalent Privacy or WEP is an older protocol network introduced in 1997. It has many security issues and can be hacked effortlessly.

Due to this significant problem, wifi Protected Access or WPA has replaced it. It has two versions( WPA and WPA2), both are employed nowadays. This makes the wifi’s encrypted.

The point here is that if you want to access a network first, you need to crack these protocols.

Now, you have enough knowledge to understand what the given tools will actually do.

Wifi Hacking Tools

You can access and employ the below-mentioned wifi hackers in Pakistan and anywhere in the world. These fall in the most applicable and functional cracking tools.

Surely these will help you to get a permit to an available network. These includes:

1. Cain and Abel

Let’s talk about an amazingly working tool which is Cain and Abel. This tool uses cryptanalysis attack methods to crack the passwords along with a routing protocols analyzer.

It also enables hackers to obtain wireless network keys without much effort. So, if you want to get access to the free Internet, you can consider it.

2. Aircrack

Aircrack is one of the fastest and prominent tools with an 802.11a/b/g WEP and WPA cracking system. It uses a specific packet capturing system to hack weak passwords.

After capturing enough packets, it tries to break the security of certain networks. One of the reasons for its fastest and effective cracking system is that it carried out FMS attack.

You can try Linux distribution, Live CD, and VMware image options. If you have extensive knowledge of Linux, use Linux distribution; otherwise, consider other options.

You can also consume VMWare images; although it is easy however it works only on USB devices.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about its installation and to utilize the procedure. It gives a full guided tutorial for the user’s convenience.

So, with Aircrack, you can crack any wifi password under your range.

3. inSSIDer

It is another workable tool to crack passwords. Also, it has been awarded as the “Best Opensource Software in Networking.” Mainly developed for user better experience and amenity.

This wifi cracker is effective to use and can also perform various tasks. These include uncovering open wifi access points, tracking signal strength etc.

It is acceptable for OS X operating systems and Microsoft Windows. Access to this premium tool costs $19.99.  Besides, it is reliable and feasible for the required tasks.

4. CoWPAtty

The next tool we want to introduce here is CoWPAtty to crack security setups. It acts on Linux OS. It is a vast automated word dictionary attacking tool for WPA-PSK.

This dictionary helps it detect and generate break passcodes for the smash network with SSID. However, it is easy to use, but it”s only drawback is its slow processing. It is due to the use of  SHA1 with a seed of SSID.

 It works a lot on increasing it speed and now uses a pre-computed hash (which contains around 172000 dictionary files).  You can comfortably employ it without any complicated process.

5. WepAttack

WepAttack also falls in the list of best and simple wifi hacking tools. It acts as an automated dictionary attack on the network to find working keys from it. 

This is beneficial for cracking 802.11 WEP keys. So if you have a WLAN card (the only thing it required), you can start consuming it.

6. Wifi Killer

An amazing and workable app to ethically hack wifi is a wifi killer. It works precisely specifically to crack the WPA open-source network or weak password wifi connections.

Also, it shows the number of devices that actively use the available network (you are going to hack).

7. CloudCracker

CloudCracker is an online wifi cracking system. It attacks the WPA security protocol of the network to provide users unauthorized access. It is simple and relatively quick to use as you can get a permit to your desired network.

Also, it can be used to obtain password hashes. It has a dictionary of 300 million words to give the best results. You just need to add the network name you desire to crack, and CloudCracker starts its work.


In this writing, we have described to you the workable wifi network hacking tools. Now you can get unauthorized access to the Internet in your radius.

Also, these security crackers are easy to handle and give precise results. Moreover, we’ve provided you with all the details you should know to start hacking any wifi.

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