A 10-Year-Old Minor Girl Tortured By Their Employees in Faislabad


Police have finally arrested the man for torturing a 10-year-old girl housemaid along with his wife and son in Faisalabad.

According to details, senior officers of Child Protection and Welfare Bureau, Samina Nadir and Sadia Rashid had lodged a case in Madina Town police station accusing that Mr. and Mrs. Rana Munir along with his son have brutally slapped and kicked the minor Faisalabad girl in the street of Eden Valley 573D, as shown in a video that has been viral on social media since yesterday showing a man and woman brutally beating a minor girl in the street.

The video clearly shows the man and the woman beating the young girl on the street having no one except them. Madina Town police station came into the action and registered the case against the accused and SHO of the police station said that the accused has been arrested and is in the custody of police now.

Notice taken by Chief Minister Punjab

In the meanwhile, Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Bozdar also took strict notice of the violent incident recently happened and has required a report from RPO Faisalabad on priority basis.

The CM Punjab further added that strict action in the light of law will be taken against the accused for such violent act and perpetrators will be brought to the book as soon as possible and innocent girl will be provided justice.

Furthermore, I.G Punjab Mr. Inam Ghani has also demanded a detailed report from RPO Faisalabad leading to a legal action against the accused with in no time.

Children Rights Violations

On the other side, Chairperson of Child Protection Bureau, Sara Ahmed said that police are also looking for the family of the victim child and the girl to be placed in Child Protection Bureau once searched. She was a domestic worker employed by that family. She suggested taking strict action against all those involved in the sad incident. She was of the view, that there is a dire need to educate the people about child-related laws in Pakistan.

She added that the members of the family stated that they were beating the child girl as she was a mental patient. “Probably, this is no justification for beating her so brutally”, she said.

She asserted that no children can be employed under the age of 15 according to Punjab Domestic Act. This also leads to strict action to be taken against those involved in employing children under the age of 15.

The FIR registered in Madina Town Police Station states that incident took place on 3rd December 2020, but officials from Child Protection Bureau informed police about the incident on 5th December 2020. The police after knowing the incident took immediate action to find and arrest the accused.

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