Naran Kaghan & Places To Visit in This Beautiful Valley Of Pakistan


Pakistan has one of the most beautiful and ethereal places to visit in the world. Its highlands and mountain ranges are one of the quite few scenic and wonderful places of exploration left to the world. Especially considering Asia, Pakistan’s northern range is considered no less than Switzerland. The glaciers, lakes, and mountains in Pakistan have always been underrated. The image was torn down because of terrorism in the country. Now, seemingly everything got back to normal and Pakistanis are welcoming tourists with open arms. Tourism is increasing which is a good sign. If you want to visit Pakistan’s northern side, you have to visit a specific place for sure. “NARAN KAGHAN” this valley is one of the most ethereal valleys in Pakistan.

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This breathtaking and tourist location is situated in the Kaghan Valley. If you’re someone who loves nature and the greenery, you cannot miss out on this beautiful place! This enormous beautiful Valley offers you sublime beauty, flowing crystal clear water rivers, thick lush green meadows, and heavily snow-capped mountains. Oh, what a sight! Along with several clear blue lakes such as Lake Saiful Malook, Lake Dutipatsar, Saral Lake, Lulusar Lake, Aanso Lake, and Payala Lake. Naran kaghan offers its tourist wonderful places to enjoy and spend their time in, we will tell you about all of them so you never miss out on these ethereal spots. Naran kaghan pics don’t do justice to how beautiful it actually is.

Access And Arrivals To Naran Kaghan?

Access to Naran and Kaghan valley used to be difficult a few years ago. The steep roads, the harsh weather, and less availability of goods in that place restricted tourists to lower areas and towns like Murree and Nathiagali, etc. after the establishment of proper roads and motorways, we can say that access to The Kaghan Valley can be reached easily. The road from Balakot will take you through Mansehra and Abbottabad. The other option is that when you reach Balakot you can easily opt for travel buses and other vehicular transport that will take you to the valley. Moreover, Naran Kaghan can also be reached from Peshawar or like most people you arrive in Islamabad then by renting a car to Abbottabad or Mansehra you can book a taxi or other buses or other means of public transport to reach the valley. If you prefer traveling by air instead of the road then the airports that are closest to Naran and Kaghan valley are: Islamabad International Airport (ISB) 135.78km, Bacha Khan International Airport (PEW) 203.94km, Sialkot International Airport (SKT) 265.70km.

You can reach Kaghan from this City by Plane if you’re an international tourist. There are many cities including London (LHR), Leeds (LBA), Islamabad (ISB), Lahore (LHE), Paris (CDG), Birmingham (BHX), Toronto (YYZ), Oslo (OSL), Beijing (PEK), Dubai (DXB), Manama (BAH), Milan (MXP), Quetta (UET), Barcelona (BCN), Muscat (MCT), Urumqi (URC), Abu Dhabi (AUH), Manchester (MAN), Peshawar (PEW), Multan (MUX). The Naran Kaghan valley is now so famous and world-known that it is now part of a union council of Pakistan in the Region Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Why Naran Is Better Than Other Northern Areas?

10 years back, when terrorism was at its peak in Pakistan and no proper developments took place, people in Pakistan were not interested in exploring the north, let alone the foreign visitors. Most people cared for was the valley of Murree and Nathiagali at the furthest. After all these excavations, plantations of million trees, the valley brimmed with beauty, and soon visitors from all over the country as well as international tourists, visited Naran valley. Naran is a small town, it is now one of the most popular vacation spots in Pakistan. People from all over the country happily visit Naran as the weather of Naran is quite chilly even in hot summers when all other cities especially Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, etc. in the country are boiling. To promote tourism, Naran offers the best and comfortable guest houses and cheap hotels at low rates. There are some good hotels in Naran with comfortable and spacious rooms, a beautiful view of the course, and a central heater to make you feel warm and at ease.

The best thing about visiting Naran in summers is that tourists happily enjoy the chilly and cold breeze of Naran and the luscious greenery, there are access and availability for all sorts of foods and goods in several stores for everyday necessities and groceries. During the night, tourists usually sing songs and eat food near the bonfire with a cup of tea or with a cup of coffee to enjoy the cold weather. These facilities to the tourists are provided by the best hotels in Naran.

Places To Visit In Naran Kaghan

This town has various attractions to offer to tourists. The attractions are so beautiful and breathtaking that makes every tourist, wants to come back to this beautiful valley. There are various places to visit in Naran Kaghan, among them the most popular in Naran are Saif ul malook and Kunhar River along with other places mentioned below. Tourists should NEVER miss out on these locations.

1. Lake Saif-ul-Malook

Naran Kaghan & Places To Visit in This Beautiful Valley Of Pakistan

Saif-ul-Malook is the most beautiful lake in Pakistan. You probably would’ve heard of it, if not, sorry to break it to you, but I think you’re missing out! Saif ul malook flows between mountains, it shimmers with the gold sun during summers and is accessible at that time as roads are clear but in winters it is quite hard to reach there because of the snow covering the roads. It is situated in the Northern region of Kaghan valley, near Naran. It is almost 10,578 feet above ocean level. The lake has a wide range of fishes, especially the very famous trout fish which is generally well known in the town. If you want to visit Saif-ul-Malook for its shimmering blue water then it is ideal to visit after June when glaciers open and there is no more snow. The best way to get near the lake is either on a donkey or a horse or even a jeep since it is situated on the highest point of a hill and make sure to be aware of the oxygen level dropping!

2. Kunhar River

Naran Kaghan & Places To Visit in This Beautiful Valley Of Pakistan

Kunhar River is situated near the Naran valley and takes you almost 30 minutes from Naran Valley to reach there. The river flows through multiple towns starting from Naran, Kaghan, alhad, Balakot, Garhi, Habibullah, and Dalola valley, and then it joins and mixes with the Jhelum River which is situated directly outside Muzaffarabad. Kunhar River is very famous for its hydropower generation potential.

3. Babusar Top

Naran Kaghan & Places To Visit in This Beautiful Valley Of Pakistan

The Babusar top is like the wonder top of Pakistan. Babusar Top is connected and used as a transit between Chilas and Kaghan Valley. This is the highest and top point of the Naran and Kaghan valleys with a height of 13690 feet from the ocean shore. It is very cold in winters and it snows heavily as well. After June it is and pleasant for the tourists to visit here in summers with a minimum temperature of around seven degrees Celsius. The top gives a sky view to the tourists of Kaghan Naran Valley on one hand and also makes you experience the view of the high lands of Chilas on the other hand. It is probably the most elevated and tallest point on the N-15 roadway that has its south end at Mansehra and has its north end at Chilas. If you go for the tour package for Naran, or tour bundles of Naran Kaghan Valley, Babusar Top is like a must-visit spot, find or follow. For trekking lovers who plan to trek through Naran Kaghan Valley, a trekker simply cannot afford to skip Babusar Top on their trip. This top is truly amazing to experience plus it has the best view from the hotels in Naran.

Its hotel rooms offers a wide variety of safe, and budget hotels in Naran. They are hospitable and gives best service at affordable prices as you book your room.

4. Lulusar Lake

Naran Kaghan & Places To Visit in This Beautiful Valley Of Pakistan

Lulusar Lake is something you cannot miss out on when you’re visiting Naran and Kaghan valleys. This is a beautiful lake in the lap of Kaghan valley. It is at the highest peak in Kaghan Valley with enormous panoramic views which is elevated at 3410m above sea level. Lulusar Lake is the popular tourist spot in the valley after Lake Saif ul Malook and Babusar top. The fresh, clean water of the lake can be visited by tourists through jeep rides. This lake is almost 48 km away from Naran. “Hiking”, “trekking”, “fishing” and “rafting” can be enjoyed near the Lulusar Lake. In other words a perfect camping spot in Kaghan Valley.

5. Shograan

Naran Kaghan & Places To Visit in This Beautiful Valley Of Pakistan

When you’re exploring the beautiful sights in the Kaghan Valley during your travel there, you cannot go back without visiting the luscious lawns of Shogran. Shogran is the most favorite place for visitors because of its amazing scenic view along with the delightful climate. Shogran is 7,749 feet above the ocean level and has the most beautiful panoramic views of the whole valley. Tourists and guests love to relax in the atmosphere which is full of serenity and enjoy a hot cup of coffee in a cold climate. Moreover, a number of resorts and motels are also opened there to accommodate thousands of tourists every year.

6. Siri Paye

Naran Kaghan & Places To Visit in This Beautiful Valley Of Pakistan

Siri Paye is another beautiful tourist spot which is situated almost 6 km away from Shogran, well known for its lush green meadows and also has a small Siri Paye Lake. Tourists love horse riding over there and it has become a necessity for the tourist of Naran to visit this mesmerizing green picturesque lawn of Siri Paye and take a clear deep breath full of nature in the pure and clear atmosphere.

7. Lalazar

Naran Kaghan & Places To Visit in This Beautiful Valley Of Pakistan

A place that is very relatable to the magnificent Babusar Top, Lalazar is another perfect camping and well as a camping spot in Naran. This place offers a unique textural landscape just like the Switzerland meadows along with the most enjoyable views and clear atmosphere. The climate is so pleasant in Lalazar because of its height which is approximately 3,123 meters above sea level. Moreover, the tall trees and grassy textured land add more scenic beauty making it look no less than heaven, brings greater amazement to the view.

8. Balakot

Naran Kaghan & Places To Visit in This Beautiful Valley Of Pakistan

Last but not least we have the heart of Kaghan Valley, Balakot. Another beautiful place to experience in Kaghan Valley, this beautiful small town is situated on the bank of Kunhar River at the foot of the mountains that are very high above. Without any doubt, the place to visit while wanting to explore the beautiful places of Pakistan is Balakot in Naran Kaghan Valley. It is the best location for the nature enthusiast, someone who loves photography, and people who take interest in trekking.

Hotels And Resthouses In Naran Kaghan Valley

Naran and Kaghan valley are now one of the most visited tourist destinations in all of the country, there are a lot of hotels in Naran that one can book online or by calling the hotel reception staff. Whether you are looking for an economical or somewhat like a budget-friendly hotel or a luxurious hotel in the town of Naran, just know that there is always something available for everyone. You can book a hotel in Naran from one with an ethereal view of the lake, or book a hotel room with a view that opens directly to the mountains, the options are vast. Hotels in Kaghan are expensive better to it is better to stay in Naran or even Shogran. The cost range ends at 6000 to 3500 rs, while the cheapest one you can find for 2500 rs.

Weather Conditions In Naran Kaghan

Naran Kaghan is now a very safe place for tourism. It is easier to reach there in the summers. Kaghan valley is hard to reach in winters because of the heavy snow, the roads are blocked. It is open for tourists only from April to August. Naran Kaghan’s weather is wonderful and beautiful with friendly hospitable people always welcoming the tourists with open arms. The valley itself has a friendly atmosphere. In winters the warmest day over the next 25 days weather in Kaghan reaches almost 10°C (50°F) and the warmest night at -2°C (28°F). The average temperature over the winter in Kaghan is 3°C (37°F) with only a few days of sunshine. The average for January is 3°C (37°F). The Kaghan valley lies 2026m above sea level In Kaghan, the climate is cold with chilly temperate. There is a significant amount of rainfall throughout the year in Kaghan valley. Even the driest month is May or June still has a lot of rainfall. In Kaghan, the average annual temperature is 12.6 °C | 54.7 °F. The annual rainfall is 893 mm | 35.2 inches. The valley is always accessible during the summer and closed to tourists during winter. This is because glaciers are heavily snowcapped and block the roads that are leading to the Kaghan during winter, even though these glaciers typically melt between February and April. From the end of April to the start of October, the roads and Babusar Pass remain open. In May, the temperature can reach up to 11 °C (52 °F) and fall as low as 3 °C (37 °F).


Naran and Kaghan valleys are places you should never miss. The beauty of these valleys and the destinations within feels like a part of heaven came down to earth in our country Pakistan. The high trees, the luscious green meadows, the horses grazing freely, the glaciers, and the beautiful crystal blue lakes, makes you feel like you’re in some foreign country or world. No doubt, the northern areas of Pakistan are also coined as the Switzerland of Asia. Tourism is buzzing here as every day passes. People enjoy picnics and camping here. If you are a fan of trekking and love to travel and hike, you should never miss out on the Naran and Kaghan Valley!

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