Mehmood Ghaznavi – The First Sultan in History


Are you really interested in history and you want to know the history of Mehmood Ghaznavi? Then read here about his early life and the battles he fought.

 In the early days of Islam, during the time of the Righteous Caliphate, the Iranian kingdom of Yazdgard was defeated by the Muslims and moved to Turkmenistan with its allies. It was the homeland of the Turks. And after a few generations of living here and marrying locals, the descendants of Yad Yazdgard will be completely abandoned. A thousand years ago, a Young Turk from the same family was enslaved.

The slave was bought by Alpat Gain, a governor of Samania, the most powerful empire in Central Asia. The name of this slave was Sabkatgin, the same Sabkatgin whose son we and you know as Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi.

The second great conqueror of the Indian subcontinent after Muhammad bin Qasim. King of Ghazni (Afghanistan), son of Sabkatgin and grandson of Alpatgin was born in 971. He ascended the throne in 998 after the death of his father. He fought several battles with the rulers of Turkestan and India to expand his empire. Seventeen small and large attacks on India, the first attack in 1001.

The following year he defeated Raja Jayapal near Peshawar and captured Multan in 1005. In 1008, he defeated Raja Anand Pal of Punjab. In 1009, he obeyed the king by chanting. In 1012, he captured Thanesar and twice invaded Kashmir. Reached the Jumna River in 1018. In 1021, he attacked Lahore, defeated Raja Bhim Sam, and annexed Punjab to the province of Ghazni.

The biggest attack was on Kathiawar, a place called Somnath in 1026 where there was a magnificent temple. Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni was deeply attached to knowledge and manners. Scholars, poets, and other artisans had gathered in his court. He built a mosque and a grand madrasa in Qanooj. During his tenure, Data Ganj Bakhsh came to Lahore from Ghazni.

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