Top 21 Best Small Business Ideas in Pakistan With Low Investment


Do you want to know the best small business ideas in Pakistan? Are you planning to start your own business with low investment? Want to know some profitable business opportunities in Pakistan?

In this article, you can know Pakistan’s 21 best small business ideas that you can start right away with low investment.

As Pakistan has a lower employment rate these days, most people are indulging in entrepreneurship. Small businesses are a great source of side income for a job person as well as students. These small or low-budget business ideas in Pakistan are the best option for self-employment.

If you have an entrepreneur mindset; then you can turn an innovative business idea into a lucrative business. 

The most common query entrepreneurs confront is, “How to start a profitable new business in Pakistan?”. Starting a business from a scratch requires a creative mindset to choose the best idea and marketing skills.

Choose a unique business idea you are passionate about and employ the best marketing skills to excel.

As per a report, almost 80% of new businesses in Pakistan in 2020 failed. One of the major reasons for this huge rate of failure is the wrong business idea.

A right, in demand, and creative business can yield handsome profit even with small or zero investment. Before moving on to the list, consider the following tips for success in your small business startup: 

  1. Get honest and responsible business partners. 
  2. Keep the in-demand market trends in front of you. 
  3. Have an estimate of your investment and profit from your business. 
  4. Make a proper business plan. 
  5. Prioritize a business with low investment and risk.

Best Small Business Ideas In Pakistan

Here is a list of the 21 best small business ideas in Pakistan that can help you to grow with a small investment.

  1. Dairy Business

1. Dairy Business

Dairy small business idea in Pakistan

Dairy Business is one of the most rapidly growing businesses in Pakistan as well as across the world. According to a survey, Pakistan is ranked 4th in the production of milk and produces 28 billion liters of milk each year. 

However, there is no clear information available about profit and it is thus not considered a very profitable business. But it is a high-come business. With proper planning and marketing, this business can flourish quickly in Pakistan.

For example, if the total expenses of setting up a dairy farm including the animals, shed, and not the land are less than 5 million and the daily cost of feed, transportation, and employee pay is Rs. 5000 for 20 animals.

According to a survey, an animal of good breed gives about 10 liters of milk every day. It means 20 animals will give 200 liters per day and selling this at 45 rupees per liter makes Rs 9000 per day.

After excluding the expenditures, the entrepreneur is getting a profit of Rs 4000 per day and Rs 120,000 per month.

The profit margin can be increased further by reducing transport and animals’ feed costs. If a person saves Rs. 85,000 every month from profit then he can double his business in a year.

In a period of 5 years, he can build himself into a successful entrepreneur with a very small investment. It is thus a top business idea in Pakistan. 

If you are wondering about how to start a dairy business in Pakistan? Then, it’s quite simple! You will need the following this for this purpose:

  • Animals 
  • Land 
  • Shed 
  • Employees 
  • Marketing skills 

If the land of the dairy farm is near cities, then the number of clients is more. The milk can be sold to homes, restaurants, etc. On a large scale, big companies like Nestle are major clients.

Note: if you have no investment for this business you should apply online for kamyab Jawan Program in Pakistan.  

2. Photography Business

Photography small business idea in Pakistan

Photography is also a profitable small business. The demand for professional photoshoots at events is rapidly increasing in Pakistan. Thus, it can be a good business idea for students in Pakistan who want to be independent but don’t have much to invest. 

With an investment of about 1 lac to buy a professional camera i.e. DSLR is all you need to start your business.

Moreover, you are the one who loves capturing photographs then this innovative business idea can be a really good source of income in Pakistan. But you should have the required skills and a proper business plan with effective marketing skills to ease your journey towards success in this business

3. Bakery Business in Pakistan

Are you a person who loves baking? Then why not turn it into a small business from home today! 

Making customized cakes and other baking items is a quickly prospering small businesses. It all depends on taste and location. This is a great business idea for ladies who want to work from home.

If you have a skill; then start getting profit out of it today. 

The investment plan in this business is not fixed. You can invest as much as you can depending upon the location and demand.

If you are located in an area where the demand is less then you will not need more investment. But setting up this business at a location where demand is high will require more investment. But a greater investment and demand means; more chances of success in your business and more profit. 

4. Event Planning Business

Event planner small business idea in Pakistan

Do you want to start your own business in Pakistan? But don’t have anything to invest in? Gladly you can do this now by event planning, a zero, or very low investment business idea in Pakistan. 

The event planning business is one of the fast-growing leading business ideas in Pakistan. Throughout the year many events are organized such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, office events, kid’s parties, etc. People need a professional and creative event planner for their events. 

This is particularly the best small business idea for students or people who have creative skills and want to be self-employed. Event planners can easily make about Rs 20,000 to 30,000 per event. It greatly depends upon the client, workload, and experience.

Event planners, who have sufficient experience, can even make 1 lac per event. It’s all about crafting your creative skills into a profitable small business that you can take to another level of success through your hard work and dedication. 

5. Tourism Company Business

Tourism company small business idea in Pakistan

Are you a person who loves to explore Pakistan? Then turn your passion into a business. A tourism company in Pakistan is one of the top business ideas in Pakistan. 

The government of Pakistan is continuously trying to promote tourism. Because there is a huge contribution of tourism to Pakistan’s economy. As per an estimate, tourism will contribute about 1 trillion to Pakistan’s economy by 2025. 

Pakistan has a lot of visitors each year due to its cultural heritage as well as beautiful valleys. You can start a tourism company with a small investment and use the profit for expanding your business.

Success in this business idea in Pakistan mainly depends upon:

  • Building public relations to attract more clients. 
  • Advertising places to promote tourism.  
  • Teamwork for attracting more people and quick success in your business.

This may take some time but once it has been successful it can change your life. You can make much more profit only from a tourism company than in any other way. This makes the tourism company a leading business

6. Property Dealing Business

Property dealing small business idea in Pakistan

Want to start a business but can’t make any investment? No worries! 

Property dealing can be the best small business idea for you in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the population growth rate is high and so the number of urban properties is increasing significantly each year.

The huge housing schemes, commercial properties, etc. are a good indicator that this can be a high-income business in Pakistan. 

Property dealers don’t invest anything into their business. Just good information on properties and great negotiation skills and you are ready to make a good profit out of it. The profit in this business depends upon the hard work you do for your clients. 

you should read about the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme if you are interested in this business.

7. Interior Designing Business

Interior Designer small business idea in Pakistan

If you have an artistic sense and creativity but no money for investing in your business. Then you can opt for interior designing as a profession and a small business idea as well in Pakistan. 

Interior designers design the interior of homes, offices, boutiques, etc. In Pakistan, the demand for interior designers is increasing rapidly which is a great indication to make it a profitable business. 

For this business, you will need creativity and good communication skills. Public relations can also speed up the success rate; more connections, more opportunities, more profit.

You can work alone or can work with your team members depending upon how it suits you. It requires patience but after you have proven your skills to your clients it can be one of the best business ideas in Pakistan. 

8. Agriculture Business in Pakistan

Agriculture small business idea in Pakistan

Looking to start a profitable business in Pakistan? Then why not Agriculture! 

Pakistan is an agricultural country. Agriculture makes about 18.9% of Pakistan’s GDP and the high demand for agricultural products in Pakistan as well as all over the world can make it a beneficial small business

For turning agriculture into a business, have a careful survey of the local as well as international market. Add value to your business by growing products of high demand.

For example, cotton yarn, cotton cloth, raw cotton, and rice are highly valuable for exports and in Pakistan. Thus, growing these agricultural products can prove a successful agricultural startup. 

All you need to start your own agricultural business in Pakistan is: 

  • Land for farming the agricultural product. 
  • Thorough research of the current national and international market demands. 
  • Use of high-quality seeds for better production.
  • An estimate of the expenditures to transport products to markets.

This business increases the profit margins if you own a land where you can grow your agricultural products. 

9. Arts and Crafts Business

Arts and crafts small business idea in Pakistan

Arts and crafts can be an innovative and business idea that can be started with a small investment. If you are creative and can create unique art and craft items then you can easily get success in this business. 

With the emerging trend of Bridal showers, baby showers, etc the demand for this business has greatly increased in recent years. Customized items, props, cards, backdrops, etc have a high demand. 

You can easily choose this as the best small-scale low investment business in Pakistan. All you need for this business is your creativity and innovative business ideas.

10. Hostel Rentals Business

Hostels small business idea in Pakistan

If you own a space that you are not using, then stop searching on how to start your own business in Pakistan. 

You can use that space as a hostel and generate good revenue from it. Hostels are allotted on monthly basis and after all the expenditures of food, electricity, etc you can easily manage to make a good profit from this business.

It is one of the best small business ideas in Pakistan at present. 

All these above-mentioned business ideas start at a small scale with low or zero investment. But later with your dedication, hard work, and great marketing skills, you can turn them into big business opportunities for you in Pakistan.

11. Makeup Artist‘s Business

For women, setting up a career as a make-up artist is not only one of the best business ideas in Pakistan but also progressing as a high-income business in Pakistan. So, investing today in this business will surely pay off in a short time.

As makeup is one of the most essential elements of women’s lives in Pakistan, this can turn into a lucrative business plan soon. You can start this business with an investment of 1 lac rupees or more as per your budget. Even if you start this business with an investment of 1 lac you can earn well. But in this case, investment and profit are directly correlated. If you have learned the skill professionally or have god-gifted talent, then investment, time, and dedication are all you need to start this small business in Pakistan.

12. Customized T-shirt printing Business

This business has recently created a lot of buzz over social media. Many social media pages are offering customized T-shirts which places this business is on the list of the best small online businesses in Pakistan. The textile industry in Pakistan is has a great potential for success and the customized T-shirt printing business is one of the rapidly growing niches in the textile industry.

You can easily set up a T-shirt printing shop. It will cost you much less than investing in the textile manufacturing field. You can make your social media page for selling your product or you can sell them to famous online t-shirt stores. By both ways, you can make a good earning out of this business. With your creative designs and hard work, you can turn this small business idea into a profitable business in Pakistan.

13. Freelancing in Pakistan

Who today is not aware of freelancing? Freelancing is a top business idea in Pakistan and getting more popular with each passing day. Due to an increased unemployment rate and lower resources to start a business, people often opt for freelancing as a small side business.

All you need to start freelancing is a high-speed internet connection, a laptop or PC, and a skill. There is no limit to earning in this business. You can earn as much as you want by investing more time into this business and polishing your skill. It is one of the best small business ideas for students and ladies in Pakistan. Here are some of the highest paying skills that you can choose:

  • Graphic Designing
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Video Editing etc

You should have good English and communication skills, in addition to a profitable skill, for rapid success in this online home-based business in Pakistan. If you manage to built-up yourself as a reputable freelancer, you can start a coaching center for teaching freelancing to people. This is another way to generate side income in Pakistan without a huge investment.

14. Catering Business Idea in Pakistan

It is one of the most lucrative and profitable business ideas in Pakistan. You have good managing skills and can lead a team in a well-organized way then this business has high growth potential. You can opt for this business as a part-time or full-time business and in both cases the opportunities are tremendous.

It is becoming a high-income business in Pakistan because the demand for catering is rising day by day. You can start this small business in Pakistan with an initial investment of 1 lac if you plan to cater events of 100 guests. The profit margin in this business is great. If your charge 300 per head for an event of 100 guests then you can easily make 30,000 in a few hours. After excluding the expenses, you can easily save 30% per event. Similarly, if the investment increases, then guests will increase, and consequently, you’ll be able to earn more profit.

15. Smartphones and Mobile Accessories Business

Selling smartphones and other mobile accessories can prove a profitable business idea in Pakistan. Mobile phones are becoming an absolute need for people today. According to a report by the Pakistan Advertisers Society, more than 70% of people are using smartphones. Moreover, 60% of the people have more than one mobile phone and 68% are depending on Android smartphones. Therefore, this is a successful business in Pakistan.

Similarly, selling mobile accessories such as earphones, mobile covers, power banks, etc. is also one of the best small business ideas in Pakistan. You can start with a minimum investment and flourish your business soon. As per research conducted by Allied Market, the market of mobile accessories and cameras will collectively worth $107.3 billion by 2022. So, it’s high time to invest in this top business idea in Pakistan.

16. Tutoring Service Business

Are you a fresh graduate and don’t have money to invest in high-investment businesses? Then, tutoring is one of the best small business ideas in Pakistan for you. All you need to have is a bachelor’s or master’s degree with a strong grip on your subject and you can make a handsome living for yourself.

You can offer a tutoring service even from your home. Since the pandemic started, the demand for tutors who can teach online is increasing rapidly. Many online portals hire qualified and talented graduates and offer really good salary packages.

You can even become your boss in this business. Allocate a space as a tutoring center and hire all the subject specialists for different classes. Even after paying your staff and other expenses, you can make a good profit from this low investment small business in Pakistan.

17. Rent your vehicle

If you have a car you can earn a huge amount of profit from it. You start this business in two ways. Either rent your car yourself or you can register your car with the ridesharing companies such as Uber and Careem. In both ways, it is a very profitable business idea in Pakistan.

Before starting this business, insurance of your vehicle is a must. So, in case of an accident, you have the option to repair it. You can opt for it as a part-time or full-time business. Uber and Careem drivers revealed that by working 2 to 4 hours they make about 10,000 to 25,000 rupees every month. And by opting it as a full-time business, they make about 50,000 to 140,000 rupees per month. So, you can expect a lucrative amount from this business.

18. Readymade Garments Business

As the world of fashion is developing, people are become more style and outfit conscious. The readymade garments have gained value in Pakistan’s market which makes this business a small-scale yet highly profitable business in Pakistan.

All you need to start this business is to set up a manufacturing unit. For this, you’ll need to hire some trailers, raw materials, and supporting staff. The success of this business is greatly dependent upon the quality of the product you deliver in the market. If you have a creative sense to add the element of uniqueness in finished garments, then you can turn it into a successful business soon.

You can sell the garments to retails or wholesalers in your city. Or you can also set up an online store for expanding your business. Top-selling websites, such as Daraz and Flipkart, are also a way to grab more customers.

19. Homemade Food Business in Pakistan

If you’re a woman and want to make a good profit by doing business from home, then selling homemade food is the best small business idea for you. The demand for homemade food is very high among the people who are living away from their homes. You can provide food in hostels or offices for lunch. In return, you can earn a good profit from low investment.

All you will need to prosper in this business is good quality food and on-time service. Homemade food items are becoming more popular among people due to their good taste, quality, and hygiene. So, you can soon establish a stable business if you don’t compromise on any of these. You can make your online presence through social media to reach out to more customers.

20. Auto Spare Parts Business 

Selling auto spare parts is also a profitable business idea in Pakistan. Majority of people in Pakistan use second-hand cars. So, for replacing the damaged or worn-out parts auto spare parts are essential. They enhance the durability of the vehicle.

You can start this business by buying or renting a shop as per your budget. You can even set up an online website or sell on well-established e-commerce websites. You can expand this business quickly by investing profit back into your business. It is one of the best small business ideas in Pakistan.

21. Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan

Affiliate Marketing is a rapidly prospering business in Pakistan. All you have to do is generate sales as an affiliate by strong marketing strategies. It is a profitable business idea if you have good marketing skills.

This is a zero or low investment business idea in Pakistan. You can generate sales by bringing traffic through your unique link to the website that you’re working for as an affiliate. Every time someone buys a product by following your affiliate link, you will get a commission. The commission increases as sales increase. You can bring traffic to the website by investing money or using your marketing skills to grab customers’ attention on social media. You can sign up on some famous affiliate marketing networks, such as Clickbank and Amazon, as an affiliate and start earning a good amount in Pakistan.

Most profitable business ideas

Here the 05 best profitable business ideas.
01-Home improvement services
02-Cleaning services
03-Tutoring services
04-Personal training and fitness instructors
05-Delivery services

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