Jazz Internet Packages [Daily, Weekly, Monthly & 4G]


If you are looking for affordable yet worthy Jazz daily internet packages, Jazz weekly internet packages, Jazz monthly internet packages, or Jazz 4G internet packages then you came to the right place. Here you will have a glance at Jazz internet packages that you can subscribe to avail of the best internet service by Jazz

Jazz is Pakistan’s top mobile network with about 55 million users. The customer’s huge number is due to the best packages provided by Jazz and the continuous improvements for customers’ satisfaction. Undoubtedly, this company provides the best internet packages to its users. 

At present, having good internet has become a need. People want to have an internet connection that is strong enough for fast browsing or streaming but in the budget as well. So, here we have all the details regarding Jazz daily internet packages, Jazz weekly internet packages, Jazz monthly internet packages, or Jazz 4G internet packages. You can select the one that fulfills your needs the best. 

Jazz Daily Internet Packages 

Mobilink Jazz Daily Internet Packages are available in 24 hours duration. You can subscribe to these Jazz daily internet packages anytime as per your internet MBs requirement. 

PackageInternet DataPriceSubscription codeStatus code
Daily Social Package  500 Facebook/WhatsAppRs 5.98 -Tax included*114*5#  *114*5*3#  
Daily SMS+ WhatsApp Bundle  10 Facebook/WhatsAppRs. 7.2 – Tax Included  *334#  *334#
Apna Shehr Daily Offer  100 MBsRs. 11.94- Tax Included*229#  *229*2#  
Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off Peak)  100 MBs + 1.1 GB in Off PeakRs. 24-Included Tax*117*4#*117*4*2#
Internet Bundle Package  20 MB Facebook/WhatsApp  Rs. 13-Included Tax*340#  _
Super Daily Internet Offer  150 MB Facebook/WhatsApp  Rs. 17- Included Tax*212#  *212*2#
Daily Karachi Offer  250 MBsRs. 12- Included Tax*400#  *400*2#
Daily Browser  50 MBsRs. 11.95- Included Tax*117*11#*117*11*2#

These Jazz daily internet packages are especially useful for people who want to use the internet for a limited duration and without much downloading and streaming.          

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages 

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages have a duration of 7 days and you will have multiple options for weekly internet packages on basis of prices as well. Jazz internet packages include the following weekly internet packages. 

PackageInternet DataPrice  Subscription CodeStatus Code
Weekly Mega Plus   24 GBRs. 267 -Included Tax*453# *453*2#  
Weekly Mega   7GB  Rs. 200- Included Tax   *159#  *159*2#  
Weekly Plus   12 GBRs. 210- Included Tax *157#   *157*2#  
Mega Super Duper   3 GBRs. 210- Included Tax*770#*770*2#
Weekly Premium 3GBRs. 147- Included Tax*117*47#*117*47*2#
Weekly Streamer 1GB  Rs. 95- Included Tax*117*7#*117*2#
Weekly Extreme 2500 MBsRs. 60- Included Tax*117*1#_
Weekly Hybrid500 MBsRs. 130- Included Tax*407#*407*2#
Work from Home Bundle 10 GBRs. 100- Included Tax*117*14#*117*14*2#

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

With a duration of 30 days, Jazz monthly internet packages contain more internet data as well. Jazz monthly 4G internet packages allow customers to experience faster internet if their device is 4G supported. Following are Jazz monthly internet packages that you can subscribe to: 

PackageInternet DataPriceSubscription CodeStatus Code
Monthly Supreme20GBRs. 885- Included Tax*117*32#*117*32*2#
Monthly Mega Plus12GBRs. 600- Included Tax*117*30#*117*30*2#
Jazz Monthly Mega8GBRs. 375- Included Tax*117*31#*117*31*2#
Jazz Monthly Browser 4GBRs. 215- Included Tax*117*77#*117*77*2#
Monthly WhatsApp Package 5GBRs. 88- Included Tax*101*1*02#*101*2*02#
Monthly Hybrid Bundle 1 GBRs. 444- Included Tax*430#*430*2#
Monthly All-Rounder 5GBRs. 596- Included Tax*2000#_
Monthly Super Duper Plus 8GBRs. 889- Included Tax*707#*707*2#

Jazz 4G Internet Packages 

Jazz internet monthly packages are available in both 3G and 4G service. The use mainly depends upon the user’s location and device. If you are living in an area when 4G service is not available yet, then you will not be able to use Jazz 4G internet packages. Also, if your phone does not support 4G, then you may face slow internet speed. 


Jazz is one of the top mobile networks in Pakistan. Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages are divided into three categories mainly- Jazz daily internet packages, Jazz weekly internet packages, and Mobilink Jazz internet packages. In this article, you will have complete detail of Jazz internet packages with their subscription codes and other details. 

Still, if you have any queries, freely ask in the comment section below. 

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