Zong Internet Packages [Daily, Weekly & Monthly]


Get detailed guidance about Zong daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages . Here you can easily find out the internet bundle of your choice without getting confused. In addition, we are also providing you with a guide through which you can get these offers easily.

You must know that Zong is a famous and largest telecommunication company in Pakistan. It always tries to provide quality networking (2G, 3G, and 4G services) under lower rates compared to its competitors so that you can trust it here.

Undoubtedly, you can get reasonable Internet packages with great satisfaction under a credible name.

With this writing, you will be able to choose your favorite Internet bundles according to your requirements.

So let’s get start it.

Zong has split its packages into three main categories, which are:

  • Zong Internet Packages (Daily)
  • Zong Internet Packages (Weekly)
  • Zong Internet Packages (Monthly)

Zong Daily Internet Packages

If you are looking for one day Internet bundles at reasonable rates, then have a look here.

With Zong, you can get amazing one-day data bundles at decent rates.

The one-day packages provided by Zong are:

Daily basic: In this offer, you can get 100 Mbs internet for a day in Rs17+T.

Daily data Max: With this bundle, you can get 500 Mbs internet in Rs 38+T for a full day.

However, you can also enjoy day time and good night offers with certain time restrictions.

Day time offer: This offer is available from 4 am to 7 pm with 1.2 Gb internet in Rs16+T.

Good night offer: This offer is available from 1 am to 7 pm with 2.5 Gb Internet in Rs 16+T.

Other specific daily Internet packages include:

Daily social pack: Get 100 Mb internet for social media( Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp) browsing in Rs10 for a day.

Classified pack: It is a special offer that contains 50 Mb Internet to browse pakwheels.com, Daraz.pk, Lamudi. Pk and Carmudi.Pk in Rs 5+T.

Daily basic100MBOne dayRs17/-
Daily data Max500MBOne dayRs38/-
Day time offer:1.2GB 1 am to 7 pmRs16/-
Good night offer:2.5GB1 am to 7 pmRs16/-
Package  DataTimeRate
Daily social pack100MBOne dayRs10/-
Classified pack50MBOne dayRs5/-

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

To enjoy net surfing for a week, you can comfortably subscribe to Zong weekly packages.

Super weekly Max:  Watch videos and rejoice with browsing the Internet. The super weekly Max bundle gives 30 GB Internet (15 GB browsing Internet along with 15 Gb YouTube) for Rs 299.

Super weekly plus: Explore the world of the Internet without limitations. As supper weekly plus offers 7Gb Internet for unstoppable browsing in just Rs 240.

Super weekly offer: Subscribe to the super weekly package and get 2.5Gb Internet for a whole week for Rs 165.

Mega data offer: It is the most incredible offer, especially for night owls_ 100 Gb data in Rs 100  only from 1 am to 9 am.

Other specific daily Internet packages include:

Weekly YouTube bundle: Enjoy watching your favorite videos without any limitation. Get 8 GB Internet with weekly YouTube bundle in Rs135 for 7 days.

Weekly TikTok offer: Enjoy watching and uploading videos on TikTok. To stay connected with friends get 2Gb TikTok Internet in Rs 50 for 7 days.

PackageData  TimeRate
Super weekly Max:30GB7 daysRs 299/-
Super weekly plus7GB7 daysRs 240/-
Super weekly offer2.5GB7daysRs 165/-
Mega data    offer:100GB7 days (1 am to 9 am)Rs 100/-
Package  DataTimeRate
Weekly Youtube bundle8GB7daysRs 135/-
Weekly TikTok offer:2GB7daysRs 50/-

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

Let’s get to the most convenient packages. With Zong’s durable services, you can enjoy 30 days of Internet surfing without any concern with monthly data offers.

Monthly premium 30 GB: It is the most substantial monthly data offer by Zong. It allows 30 GB of data, including 15GB browsing  net and 15GB youtube for 30 days for Rs 1000.

Monthly premium 5GB: Another monthly premium package provides  5GB of the Internet for a full month in Rs500.

Monthly mini: For monthly mini-tasks, Zong has introduced a mini bundle, which lends 150 MB Internet usage in Rs 50+T, valid for 30 days.

Monthly Basic: The monthly basic Internet bundle allows the usage of 500MB in Rs 150+T, valid for 30 days.

Other specific monthly Internet packages include:

Facebook monthly offer: For unbreakable connection with friends on Facebook, subscribe to Zong’s very special Facebook offer. It provides 6GB of the Internet for Rs 50 for 30 days.

What’s app offer: Now you can do unlimited video and voice calls with Zong; What’s app offer. Gets 4GB what’s app data in Rs50 for 30 days.

IMO monthly offer: Use 2GB IMO data for a full month in only Rs 50 and stay connected on video calls.

Google Duo bundle: The Duo bundle provides 2 GB Duo data for nonstop video calls with your friends and family for Rs 10.

Package  DataTimeRate
Monthly premium 30 GB30GB30 daysRs1000/-
Monthly premium 5GB5GB30 daysRs500/-
Monthly mini150 MB30 daysRs 50/-
Monthly Basic500 MB30 daysRs 150/-
Package  DataTimeRate
What’s app offer:4GB30 daysRs50/-
IMO monthly offer2GB30 daysRs50/-
Google Duo bundle2GB30 daysRs10/-
Facebook monthly offer6GB30 daysRs100/-

Zong Free Internet Offers:

Besides, paid packages Zong is also giving free Internet offers to its customers.

Facebook Flex: Zong is providing a fantastic free Facebook offer to its user. The unique flex features enable the user to switch between data and free mode. Thus you can use Facebook even with zero balance on free mode.

Daily rewards: The My Zong app lend the users to get daily reward opportunities and win free MBs from10 to 500. Just open the app, click on the reward gift box, click the card and choose one card. Then, you will get some reward MBs and these MBs will be added to your data.

How can I activate my internet bundle or package?

The procedure is simple, and Zong has made it simplest for you. You can activate your desired internet package by dialing *6464# or with the My Zong app.

To activate the bundle With the My Zong app:
If you don’t have my Zong app, you can download it from the play store on your mobile phone.
For subscription to the Internet, packages click the bundles( written at the lower bar).
Select the option “data”(written at the upper bar). A list of all data packages will appear on your screen.
Then click on the subscription button( given with each bundle) to avail your offer.
Prices and the provided amount of data are also written there for your convenience. You can learn more about your selected package just by clicking their price.

To activate Internet bundle by dialing *6464#:
When you Dialed the code *6464#, an instructional message will appear on your screen.
To get the first option_ Internet bundles, type 1 and click on send.
After sending,  another instructional message will come off on your screen with information about the duration you want( daily, weekly, and monthly bundles).
Type the number of the desired duration and click on send.
Finally, you could see the internet packages with data quantity and rates. Select your desire one and type its number, then click on send.
Within a few seconds or sometimes minutes, you will receive the successful subscription message.

How can I check my remaining Internet data?

To check your remaining data, dial *102#, and you receive an informing message about your remaining internet data.


You can easily select and subscribe to Zong Internet packages of your choice by using the complete guidelines provided by us.

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