Mian Muhammad Mansha Sahib, One Of The Billionaires In Pakistan


The list of billionaires in Pakistan is quite long, including the name of Mian Muhammad Mansha. Do you know about his life, where and how he started his life, and how he got on the list of billionaires? Today We will tell you the biography of Mian Muhammad Mansha Sahib.

Mian Muhammad Mansha was born on December 1, 1947, in Chiniot. He received special education in the field of accounts. He started his life at the age of 22 after the death of his father and started working in Nishat Textile Mills Faisalabad established by his father and worked day and night and especially as an accountant. This factory was soon brought on par with large textile factories.

Mian Sahib is one of the few industrialists in Pakistan who, after the establishment of Pakistan, invested heavily in the country and developed the country’s business. You have a special interest in increasing exports of domestic products, for which he was also given the “Export Trophy Award”.

Mian Sahib expanded his business and set up more textile mills and cement factories in Sheikhupura and Lahore. Mian Sahib also had a deep connection in the fields of finance and investment and is currently running several investment companies.

 Due to his vast experience and expertise in the financial sector, during the first term of Mian Nawaz Sharif from November 1990 to April 1993, when it was decided to privatize the Muslim Commercial Bank, the Mian Sahib was elected.  The bank’s board of directors appointed him president of the bank.

After becoming the president of the bank, he established the bank on modern lines. Instead of laying off redundant staff, he promoted the bank and is a role model for other privately owned financial institutions and banks. He is also one of the richest men in Pakistan.

Biography of Mian Muhammad Mansha Sahib

 Name:Muhammad Mansha
 In Urdu:میاں محمد منشا
 Famous As:Business Tycoon
 Designation:Chairman and CEO Nishat Group, MCB Bank Limited
 Businesses:He started his carrier as an industrialist just after completing his educational carrier. He got off the mark by running a textile mill in Faisalabad.
 Residence:Lahore, Punjab Pakistan
 companies:Nishat Finishing Mills, Nishat Capital Management, Trust Management Services, Trust Management Services, Chunian Fibre, Nishat Europe, Newbery Mansha, Maple Leaf Electric Company, D G Khan Electric Company
 Profession:Business Man/ Investor
 Born1st December
 Other Businesses:Apart from the industrial sector of Pakistan, he has also some interest in other sectors. He is also an owner of the Pakistan Aviators and Aviation Ltd., a domestic charter plane service in Pakistan.
 Spouse:Married but name not known

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