History of Karachi (The City Of Lights) Culture, Religion, and Lifestyle


Karachi is the central and most populous city of Sindh province of Pakistan. Karachi is also honored to be the third-largest city in the world by area.

Karachi is also called mini Pakistan because every corner of Pakistan is inhabited by every race and every religion, not only this city has a large number of refugees from many other countries.

Do you know the history of Karachi? When it comes to the name of Karachi, its name has been written in historical papers. It is said that a Baloch family was settled on the beach, which met its needs for fishing.

One day a man from the family went to the sea to catch fish, the water started to sink due to the deep but no one standing there reached his help, then his wife did not care about the uncontrollable waves of the sea, trying to save her husband and she will also be successful in this and after seeing this great achievement.

People named her basti in the name of a woman mai kolachi and then with time this basti. Mai Kolachi was the old name of Karachi and changed to this city and her name also changed from mai kolachi to Karachi.

After the establishment of Pakistan, the city was declared the capital of Pakistan, and then after 1960 Islamabad was chosen for government affairs.

The assembly, which passed the first resolution in favor of Pakistan, was also held in the same city.

Pakistan’s war hero Muhammad Mahmood Alam was born in the Indian city of Calcutta but after the establishment of Pakistan, the lion’s side also kept its residence in Karachi.

This is the same lion who killed 5 Indian planes within a minute.

The founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was also born in Karachi and his last resting place is also in Karachi.

Geography and Population Of Karachi

The total area of Karachi is 3780 square kilometers. In 2020 according to an estimate, the total population of Karachi is 17 million.

By population, this city is Pakistan’s largest and the world’s third-largest city by area. Hyderabad and Makli are notable in the nearby cities of Karachi.

Karachi is also a unique and escape city in which people belonging to every color race and religion from every corner of Pakistan not only provided a place to live but also a respectable job.

That is why the population of this city has increased by millions in a few decades and it has reached up to crores, but the unfortunate sight of not knowing the city of people living in love and sincerity, and three decades ago, the city of lights turned into the cities of the city.

The enemies of humanity played blood holi here by finding many words and objectives of human religion and salvation and this bloody game was controlled by the draw of Pakistan army in 2013.

And then slowly they began to smell the fragrance of love. Among those living in Karachi, Baloch Pashtun migrants are living in Sindhi and many other generations of Pakistan.

Not only this, millions of refugees from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Myanmar means Burma are also living in this city.

At the time of the establishment of Pakistan in 1947, this city had 50% Muslims and 40% Hindus, while other 10% included Christian Jews and people of other religions.

But according to a survey conducted in 2018, there are 50% Muslims in Karachi and the remaining 15% are Christian Hindus who follow the Jewish and many small religions.

Karachi’s richest and wealthy Hindus live in Clifton and Saddar area In Karachi, like linguistic and religious beliefs, there are languages spoken here, but in the local and most spoken languages, Gujarati, Daoudi, Memon, Darbari, Brahvi, Makrani, Hazarvi, Balochi, Arabic, Persian, Bengali, Saraiki, Pashto, Sindhi, Punjabi, and other small languages, the English language is also very popular in the educated class.

Economical And Financial Situation of Karachi

If we talk about the History of Karachi economically and financially, it is a proud city. The city has numerous textile cement steel heavy machinery chemicals and food industries.

This city has 30% of Pakistan’s manufacturing population in this city there are more or less 4537 Karachi export processing zone side korangi Northern bypass industrial zone and north Karachi industrial estate.

Karachi Expo Center plays an important role in the country’s economy by hosting local and foreign leaders Karachi’s total GDP is us $170 billion.

This city is the main center for international trade. Karachi port and port Qasim are the biggest and oldest ports of Pakistan.

95% of Pakistan’s international trade is done with these ports.

Karachi has the biggest shopping mall in Pakistan and South Asia, which includes more than 200 stores, in which you can get a great opportunity to buy domestic and foreign items.

The offices of most of Pakistan’s public and private banks are also present in Karachi, besides the offices of foreign multinational companies working in Pakistan are also located in the same city.

Education and Health Situation Of Karachi

In Karachi’s biggest universities, Karachi University, which was built in 1951, has 41 thousand students in this university.

Other major educational institutions include the institute of business Dawood University of engineering and Pakistan navy engineering college.

Sindh’s most historical Islamic education center is in madrasa ul Islam Karachi which was established in 1850. Karachi is also the center of biomedicine in Pakistan, about thirty government hospitals are the same registered private hospitals and outside just medical colleges.

Sports and Media in Karachi

The first international cricket match in Pakistan was played in Karachi between sindh and Australian cricket team in 1930.

And this match was seen by five thousand people of Karachi in Karachi cricket golf boxing is currently done and booting car is also present.

Pakistan’s famous TV channel business plus is located in a city with the offices of many other independent television and radio stations including bl TV.

There is a network of nine thousand five hundred kilometers of solid roads in Karachi, which provides travel facilities to three million vehicles daily.

If I talk about singers from Karachi, these famous singers include Ahmed Rishti, Shahzad Rai, Sajjad Ali, Alamgir, Ali Haider, and madness group. Moeen Akhtar, Humayun Saeed, Bushra Ansari, and Saleem Nasir are the shining stars of the beauty of the city in Karachi’s famous TV actors.

Climate and Weather in Karachi

Due to the fact that Karachi is situated on the Banks of the Arabian sea, the weather here remains moderate, but the monsoon season is in July and August, and the city has an average annual rainfall of 250 mm. In 2017, Karachi also suffered severe imprisonment and heat.

Food and Culture In Karachi

Karachi foods biryani embroidery meat photos vegetables barbecue gulab jamun and kebab are remarkable.

All the functions of 200 weddings, such as Mayan mehndi and Barat, were also inaugurated in the same city in ancient times, and even today, no one can go ahead of Karachi in paying for these rituals.

Travel and Tour Places In Karachi

Pakistan’s largest and most famous airport is Jinnah international airport and the country’s largest railway station is also located in this city. The world’s third most beautiful and big mosque is also being built in Karachi.

The largest building in Karachi is Bahria Opal Tower which offers the most astonishing sight to see.

Pakistan’s most beautiful mosque is also located in the defense area of Karachi. In other historical and recreational places in Karachi.

Mazar-e-Quaid and Mangopir Mazar-e-Harun Bandar Abdullah Shah Ghazi, PAF Museum, Clifton beach Pakistan maritime museum Aladdin Park there are many places that belong to view.

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