Islamabad, The Most Beautiful City And Capital of Pakistan


The city located on the height of Margalla hills is the capital city of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan called Islamabad. Karachi city was the capital of Pakistan before the 1960s and it was built the decision by the Government of Pakistan to replace the capital of Pakistan Karachi with Islamabad. It is not only the capital but it is the 9th populated city of Pakistan with an estimated population of 2.5 Million.

Islamabad means “City of Islam,” or “City of Peace”.

Islamabad is famous for its greenery and high living standards. Islamabad is very popular for transitional foods like Nihari, Halwa Poori, Daal, Chapli Kebab. More than 85% of people speak our national language Urdu.

Islamabad is 2nd most beautiful capital in the world due to it’s decor, fascination, attractiveness and beauty.

  1. Faisal Mosque
  2. Daman e Koh
  3. Pakistan Monument
  4. Margalla Hills
  5. Rawal Lake
  6. Lok Virsa Heritage Museum
  7. Margalla Hills National Park

Islamabad is the 2nd most beautiful Capital in the world. Islamabad the capital of Pakistan is a class of its own that has preserved its natural beauty its heritage and still has made great strides in development and modernization.

Islamabad was selected by a commission of experts in 1958 after an extensive study its location climate proximity and natural beauty has made it an ideal contender for an ideal capital the site of the city was not only beautiful it has a historical significance as well it goes back to the earliest human habitations in Asia.

The capital was born CDA Capital Development Authority was established in June 1960 as an authority it has the power duties functions and responsibilities for planning and development of the capital it also performs functions as the sole Civic agency for ensuring the well-being of the capital and its inhabitants.

 It has been more than five decades the authority has kept its promise and its resolute commitment to its duties and responsibilities today Islamabad is not only one of the best city of Pakistan but easily one of the best in the world as well the witnesses of the very fact are diplomats who have been around the world overseas Pakistanis who have lived for years in the developed world journalists who have covered international cities photographers artists tourists residents and even critics.

The CDA if it’s they do a good job of only they will clean the city and make it even more and more beautiful all the time there are a lot of flowers here quitters very nice because it’s warm and in wintertime, it’s like really good it’s not too cold and not too hot Green City Green yeah everybody’s green I like and I like it so much because it’s a lot it’s very green tea and with it is very nice and food is really nice I like it so much.

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The best thing in Islam about that I like is the people a Greek firm of architects Konstantinos Apostolos oxidized designed the master plan of the city with its apex towards the Margalla Hills since then CDA has kept it intact it has been divided into different zones and sectors each with a distinction of its own splendor each day.

The golden sunshine travels through the blue skies to meet the numerous shades of green in the city the area of Islamabad is nine zero six point five zero square kilometers less than 25 percent of it is classified as urban area almost twenty-five percent has been dedicated to parks whereas the rest 50 percent is classified as a rural area there’s a policy for the environment as CDA if cutting of trees becomes inevitable for development CDA plans to plant four more trees to compensate for them to keep Islamabad sparkling with colors of Mother Nature.

Islamabad has the highest literacy rate in Pakistan at 88% this is due to the fact that it houses some of the most advanced educational institutions the sector H of Islamabad can be classified as an education city with sprawling campuses of leading universities where students from around the country and even around the world come to study where the healthy environment Islamabad has a solid health infrastructure.

It has multiple hospitals both in the public and private sector competing with each other in health excellence people from across Pakistan come to Islamabad for treatment the city has the healing power of its own that naturally treats any mood swings parks clubs malls cinemas sports facilities.

Restaurants hotels thrilling rides graceful events sights and sounds along with a mesmerizing climate of the Four Seasons each with its own color and excitement that keeps the life of Islamabad a beautiful life this century is defined by speed the Metro rapid transport system-wide roads and now the under development.

Islamabad signal ¾ will ensure that the city keeps flowing with all as explicitness and class the city offers an ideal mix of serenity epidemic excellent human resource technology infrastructure and macroeconomic indicators but Pakistan’s economic corridor gradually reaching its logical end.

Islamabad will be a regional economic hub of visionaries’ professionals and skillful human resources not only from oxen but the entire world the future of Islamabad looks as green as the city and as golden as the sunshine that touched the city every day.

Capital Development Authority will ensure that the city is always mentioned as one of the best cities of the world everywhere in the world.

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