Hingol National Park: Best Place To Visit In Balochistan


Pakistan is a land of beauty with numerous appealing places. Every year a considerable number of people come to visit the geological diversity of this region. 

Hingol National Park is also one of the tourist attractions in Pakistan. Interestingly, nature has molded this rocky and muddy place into unusual formations. Not only this, but there are also many other striking sites to visit.

Below, we have the inscription of each of these sites to help you plan your trip.

About Hingol National Park

Balochistan is a region of several alluring zones which fascinate visitors. The Hingol National Park is also such a charming and attention-catching area here. The Park is situated in the Makran coastal region and covers an area of 6,100 square kilometers.

A vast portion of this land is surrounded by drift sand, due to which it is considered a semi-coastal desert. It has both desert and plains, which gives the place a diversified view.

Similarly, this region consists of six distinct ecosystems; therefore, it is an essential natural reservoir in Pakistan.

The remarkable giant rock formations bestow the Park a captivating look that is enough to pull the attention of travelers.

Tourist Attractions In Hingol National Park

The rocky mountains of this coastal region of Balochistan have naturally turned into great shapes. This is why Hingol national park is full of unusual, eye-catching spots. Most of these attractions are results of natural phenomena, which puts this place on a higher rank among the great regions of the world.

The rocks of this locality have molded to incredible shape, mainly due to weather shifts. The most impressive formations in Hingol park are:

  1. Princess of Hope
  2. Balochistan Sphinx
  3. Hingol Mud Volcanoes
  4. Natural Oases
  5. Hinglaj Devi Temple
  6. Kund Malir Beach
  7. Princess of Hope

Due to weather changes, the deterioration of rocks has resulted in the appearance of incredible natural sculptures. One of these masterpieces is the Princess of Hope, who appears as a standing woman. This alluring array grabs the central triumphing of visitors.

Balochistan Sphinx

Another wonder of nature in Hingol park is the sphinx formation (an imaginary creature having the trunk of a lion and the head of a human) with rocks. However, it is striking to know that no men built it but nature.

It is also known as Abul-Hol and the lion of Balochistan because of its relatable configuration. This structure resembles the human-made sphinx figures founded in Egypt, Myanmar, India, and  Sri Lanka. This unbelievable shape entices the notoriety of viewers and makes it the most visited spot.

Hingol Mud Volcanoes

This geological territory has multiple unprecedented allures, including Mud Volcanoes. Hingol park has three mud volcanoes located in Lasbela District. Although they are not dangerous, only one is active, known as Chandracup. This site also keeps a religious value for the Hindu population.

Besides, Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) is a notable juncture near these volcanoes. These mud volcanoes are a real creation of nature and should be in your must explore sites.

Natural Oases

This area has several freshwater points in the form of small lakes, streams, and ponds, which enables the wildlife to sustain in such a barren locality. The surrounding greenery and vegetation support the survival of creatures. These significant areas are a substantial source of the vast diversity in this place.

Hinglaj Devi Temple

The presence of Hinglaj Devi Temple enhances the religious significance of this zone for Hindus. This temple is in a cave found in a mountain erected in the Makran desert. Every year a large number of Pakistani Hindus come to attend their four days pilgrimage here.

Kund Malir Beach

Without exploring this intriguing part of Hingol National Park, your trip would be incomplete. Kund Malir Beach is a primarily fascinating point for tourists. The crystal clear water glittering water enhances the charm of the place, and this spectacular site is enough to clasp the limelight.

The beach is quite far from the urban areas, so most of its part remains unexplored by travelers.

Recommendation:  We’ll recommend you before planning your tremendous journey to Kund Malir Beach to check out certain things. Your vehicles must be reliable and carry surplus fuel with you. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water and food with you.

Wildlife Sanctuary in Hingol National Park

Along with other notable facets,  Hingol National Park also refuges crucial numbers of endangered wildlife of Pakistan. This locality homes more than two hundred rare and local plants and animal species, including various migratory birds, aquatic and land animals.

The Marsh crocodiles, dolphins,  green and olive turtles, Sindh Ibex, Balochistan Urial, Egyptian Vulture, etc., are the most notable ones.

Weather Of Hingol National Park

This coastal land of Balochistan mostly remains hot throughout the year; however, in winters, it can be extensively cold.

Recommendation: So, if you are planning your trip to this piece of wonders must check out the current weather first, then prepare yourself for a memorable journey, accordingly.

Hingol National Park Distance From Karachi

In order to get into Hingol national Park, firstly, you should come to Karachi city, and from here, your journey to Park will begin. The place is located at a distance of 243 kilometers from Karachi. It will take you around 3.5 hours to reach the Park if you go from Makran Coastal Highway by car.


This complete traveling guide to Hingol national park includes every point you need to know about this location. It will assist you in having a remarkable journey. 

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