How to Check Jazz Package (Updated Guide 2023)

how to check jazz package

As you know Jazz is one of the best networks providing its services in Pakistan. Most users of Jazz subscribe to calling and other packages on their sim, and if you are here it means that you have also subscribed to any Call, Internet, or any package from Jazz Hybrid Packages and want to know How to check Jazz Package that is active on your sim. Right If so, then you are reading the right article. Today I am going to tell you about which Jazz Package you have activated on your mobile phone. So Let’s get started.

There are four different ways to check whether activated or the remaining package is on your mobile so you can monitor it easily. 

  1. Calling to Helpline – Check Jazz Package
  2. Use Jazz World Mobile App
  3. Using Self-Service – Status Codes
  4. General Package Checking

Calling to Helpline – Check Jazz Package

If you want to check the activated package on your jazz sim, it is one of the best and also an easy method to know from their official help center – Jazz Helpline. Jazz offers the best customer care services to its users. If you want to know about your package their representative will guide you and give a good response in a short time. Just follow a few steps in the process.

Dialling Jazz Helpline 111

You need to Dial 111 from your mobile press the button for your language, and then press the 0 button. You will be connected to one of the Jazz Call Representatives. You have to ask him about your query that you want to know the activated package of your Jazz.

Use Jazz World Mobile App

Jazz is offering different Call, SMS, Internet, and other social app packages to its users. If you have subscribed to any specific package and want to know the remaining of that package then you can check that using Jazz World App.

Step 01. Just Go to Playstore, download that App, and install it on your mobile. Once you have installed or already you are using it.

Jazz World App Home

Step 02. Then open that app on the Home of Jazz app you will see the remaining services/packages that you have subscribed to. Now Click on usage details.

Jazz Subscribed Package Details

Step 03. Once you clicked on user details you have to scroll down a bit, and you will find the Subscribed Packages on your mobile app. 

Using Self-Service – Remaining Package Codes

If you don’t want to call the 111 Jazz helpline or don’t use the Jazz World app but even you want to know the Jazz Package then Jazz Self Service is the best option for you. Whenever Jazz offers or launches a new package for its users, it gives a specific code for subscribing, checking the status of that package. Whether it is a Jazz call, Internet, or SMS package you will get the status code for that specific package. 

How to Check Jazz Packages (Call, SMS, and Data Packages)

If you want to know the status of the Jazz call, SMS, and Data package I have given below the list of packages with the remaining status code. Just dial from your mobile and check the remaining call package. Each package has terms and conditions to be applied, which you can get while subscribing to the package.

Package NameSubscription CodeStatus CodeValidity
Jazz New SIM Offer*191#*990*2#Weekly
Jazz 4G Sim Offer*443*30#*117*89*2#Weekly
Jazz Super F&F Package*141*F&F_Number#*141*2#1 Day
Jazz Punjab Package (Selected Cities Only)*6000#*6000*2#Till mid-night
Apna Shehar Package*229#*229*2#1 Day
KP Daily Offer*291#*291*2#1 Day
Karachi Daily Hybrid Package*400#*400*2#1 Day
Jazz Sindh Package*522#*522*2#1 Day
Jazz Day Bundle*340#*340*2#1 Day
Jazz Daily Super*212#*212*2#1 Day
Jazz Give A Bundle*919#*898*2#3 Days
Jazz Super Plus*558#*558*2#Whole Day only
Jazz 3-Day Max Offer*631#*631*2#3 Days
Jazz Super Sim Offer*476#*476*2#Weekly
Jazz Voice Infinity Offer*710#*710*2#3 Months
Jazz Weekly Voice Offer*211#*211*2#Weekly
Jazz Sindh Raabta Offer*766#*766*2#Weekly
Jazz Sargodha Weekly Offer*627#*627*2#Weekly
Jazz Work From Home Bundle*117*14#*117*14*2#Weekly
Jazz Super Woman Bundle*117*14#*117*14*2#Weekly
Jazz Haftawar All-Rounder Package*747#*747*2#Weekly
Jazz Weekly Hybrid*407#*407*2#Weekly
Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer*614#*614*2#Monthly
Jazz Weekly Social Plus*668#*668*2#Weekly
Jazz Weekly Super Plus*505#*505*2#Weekly
Jazz Weekly Super Max*506#*506*2#Weekly
Jazz Super Duper Card*601#*601*2#30 Days
Jazz Monthly Premium Plus Package*2000#*2000*2#30 Days
Jazz Monthly Max*708#*708*2#30 Days

General Package Checking

If you want to know quickly about the current package is activated on your sim then just send an empty message to 3838. Once your SMS is been sent you’ll receive the information about the activated package on your Jazz sim that you are using or your current Jazz package is “_____” this.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my jazz package details?

It is very easy to check your jazz package details, just send empty sms from your mobile to 3838. you will get details for your current package.

What is *5555 code in jazz?

If you are dialing the *5555# code you’ll access or available the Just 4 You offer.  It is for Jazz prepaid users.

how to check Jazz remaining package?

if you want to check the jazz remaining package just dial *2# before the subscription code of any package that you have subscribed.


Knowing about Jazz Packages is very easy by following any of the above methods that I have shared. I have shown different ways to do it, whether you like using Jazz World apps or simple codes. Just pick what works best for you.

Hopefully, this guide is helpful to you. If so share this with your lovers, and let me know in the comment.