8 Cheapest Courier Services In Pakistan


With the development of technology, the world has shifted to great convenience. Today everyone can deliver important documents or other stuff worldwide without serving much time and money.

For this, various Courier companies worldwide offer assistance to people. Early, these services were costly; therefore, not every person can afford them. However, now many companies are providing their quality and reliable services at highly reasonable rates.

Here we’ve described the details of the 8 cheapest courier corporations working in Pakistan. These are the best and most affordable courier companies operating in Pakistan.

Best Courier Services In Pakistan

1. TCS (Tranzum Courier Service)

You may often hear the name of TCS which includes Pakistan’s older courier and most reliable company. TCS has been providing services since 1983.

It is also a global network working internationally in big countries like the UK, USA, UAE, Canada, Germany, China, and India.

Moreover,  this broad courier network has more than 800 outlets in 380 cities of Pakistan. Despite a named firm, it is delivering superior services at much cheaper rates.

So, if you are looking for a trusted and reasonable courier service must consider it.


It provides numerous categories according to the customer’s requirement. These are TCS HomeMovers, Express, Octara, Yayvo, Hazir,  Intiana, Sentiments, RedBox, HomeMovers and Cargo.

Contact Details:

Phone Number: (021) 111 123 456

Email: customerservices@tcs.com.pk


2. Paradise Courier & Logistics

Paradise Courier & Logistics is a new service provider in the market; however, it is getting success rapidly due to its reliability.

It conveys high-quality services under the budget of its customers. So, if you are in search of the cheapest and fastest Courier company must think of it.


Their services include one Priority Delivery, One Day Delivery, Overnight Delivery,  International Express, and Fastest Files Forwarding Service For USA Immigration Applicants.

Contact details:

Phone Number: +92 21 34314981

Email: info@pcnl.com.pk

Website: www.pcnl.com.pk

3. DHL Express Courier Services

Another famous and reasonable courier company in Pakistan is DHL Express Courier Services. It is a well-known logistics and postal Germany-based corporation.

DHL is one of the broadest courier networks worldwide, serving over 200 countries worldwide. It delivers superior services at much lower rates. Thus you can obtain benefit from it. Due to DHL trustworthiness, a considerable number of people rely on it.


Its primary services are DHL Parcel, Freight, eCommerce, Global Forwarding, and Supply Chain.

Contact Details:

Islamabad: +92 51 2722187-8

Karachi: +92 21 34315041 and +92 21 34315045

Lahore: +92 42 35456701 and +92 42 35456706

Sialkot: +92 52 3573372-74 and +92 332 8645652

Website: www.dhl.com

4. FedEx

Another older Courier service is FedEx which is serving its customers worldwide. It allows people to send their goods without any worry. FedEx strictly obeys the deadlines, which makes it even more popular in Pakistan.

So, it can prove the best option for you if you want an economical and quick delivery service.


These include International Priority and economy Service along with some Special Service Options.

Contact Details

Phone Number: 1.800.463.3339.

Email: cssocialmedia@fedex.com

Website: www.fedex.com

5. Leopards Courier

Leopards have been a logistic courier service provider in Pakistan since 1983. It satisfies people with reliable and fast deliveries. It is on the second number after TCS in popularity and also a budget-friendly company.


Its exemplary services include DropBox, Overnight, Flyers, C.O.D, Giftwifts, Yellow Box.

Contact Details: 

Phone Number: (021) 111 300 786

Email: info@leopardscourier.com

Website: www.leopardscourier.com

6. DCS Couriers

DCS is a massive national and global service platform. It offers courier services at low rates and according to the pocket of consumers.

Also, it is one of the most credible and timely courier companies. So, you can utilise its inexpensive and promising services.


DCS offers Cargo, Document Collection, International Express, Special Delivery and Sentimental Express.

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 0632277790

Email: info@dcscourier.com

Website: dcscourier.com

7. M&P Express Logistics

M&P express is on a mission to provide quality and responsive services at doorsteps.

Not only this, it believes in customer satisfaction and budget effective logistic services. M&P always strive to finish their commitments on time with super accountability.

Therefore, it falls on the list of cheap and legitimate courier companies operating in Pakistan.


These are M&P Courier,  Logistic, COD, Gift Delivery, AirCargo, Print dispersion, Simple Cargo and MyBox.

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 111 202 202

Email: contact@mulphilog.comc

Website: mulphilog.com

8. PIA Speedex

Speedex is a global logistics company established by Pakistan Air Force. It conveys shipments and Air express services across Pakistan.

Further, it provides the fastest and precise services, mainly in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.


Its services include Same Day Speed, Second Day Speed, Overnight Speed, Overland Cargo and Visa Dropbox (US).

Contact Details

Phone Number: 111-779-779

Email: mno@spx.aero

Website: www.spx.aero


The companies mentioned above are offering the best services across Pakistan and some globally. These 8 courier service providers are delivering their services at cheaper rates.

So, from the list, you can select any company according to your requirements.

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