History, Location, Education In Rohri, Pakistan


Rohri is a tehsil of Sukkur district and its capital. It is located on the east bank of the Indus River, opposite Sukkur. Its population is more than two and a half million. The Indus River stands between Sukkur and Rohri. A beautiful bridge called the Lansdowne Bridge was built in 1888 to connect the two cities.

Later a new bridge for the railway train was built in 1962 along with the same bridge called “Ayub Bridge”.

Once upon a time, Rohri was not the place where it is today, but a city called “Aror” was inhabited six or seven miles north of this place. The Indus River flowed close to it. The city was ruled by the Hindu king Dahir in the eighth century AD. In 714, Muhammad bin Qasim defeated Raja Dahir and conquered Aror.

In 946, the Indus changed its course and began to flow closer to where the island is now scattered. Due to this deviation of the river, Aror flourished and the people living there migrated and settled on the banks of the river six or seven miles away.

The place they found to settle was rocky. Even in those days the stone was called “gravel”. Therefore, the name of this Naeem Basti became Rori, which has deteriorated over time. The city is very old, contemporary with Thatta and Seon.

These three cities have been important centers of knowledge and mysticism in their time. In its present form, it was built in 1297 by Syed Rukn-ud-Din Shah.

Rohri is a small town but it is very important as it is a big railway junction. It is the second largest railway station in Pakistan. Sweets, dates and millet are very popular here. Rohri is a large cement factory in the city.

Domestic industries are few. However, relay and embroidery work is good. Many mosques here are of historical significance. The Jamia Masjid or Akbari Masjid was built in 1584 by Fateh Khan, the governor of Akbar. Built by the river, the mosque has three domes.

Aurangzeb Mosque was built by Mir Masoom Bakhri in 1593. These ancient mosques are famous for their architectural style. There are big bazaars in this area, including Shahi Bazaar, Dhak Bazaar, Ansari Market and Lala Bazaar.

Ata Hussain Shah Maulvi Degree College is at the forefront in terms of educational facilities. Apart from Government Girls High School and Government Railway Girls High School, there are several model schools, including Shaltif Town Hall.

Where scholarly, literary and cultural programs are held. This city is working for the promotion of religious education in Madrasa Arabia Darul Uloom Sharia and Jamia Al Reza.

Citizens of Rohri spend their holidays having fun on the banks of the river Indus. The pleasure of river cruises by boat on moonlit nights is something else. The three islands in the Indus River, Khwaja Khidr, Sadh Belo and Bukhar, also serve as recreational centers.

Five to six miles north of the city are the ruins of Aror. The city was conquered by Muhammad ibn Qasim and a mosque was built here, the remains of which have been discovered.

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