Top 5 Cool Gadgets You Should Know In 2021


In this technological era, we are completely surrounded by machines and gadgets that help make our life much easier that was not possible a decade ago. People sometimes are unaware of such economic gadgets that have replaced or eased out old things or processes. It’s important to keep an eye on some amazing stuff that doesn’t cost you much and makes your life easier too. Here is a list of five cool yet amazing gadgets that people use around the world now. However, a few of them are not available in Pakistan’s online shopping sites but they will be available soon.

Table of Contents

1. Glowing Headphones


This is a very cool gadget, among the top 5 cool gadgets, as the glow inside headphones lights up with vibrant laser technology. This also pulses with the music you play which gives you an immensely pleasing feeling. The Glow App on Google Play or Apple Store also gives you the control to adjust the intensity of this glow.

The gadget has all the dedicated buttons to take full control of what you listen to and are also completely compatible with Google Apps. With this gadget, you will experience music as you had never before. The Price ranges from one thousand to three thousand.

2. LED Helmet


LED Helmet is a 21st-century gadget and probably not available in Pakistan right now. This beautiful gadget has left and right turning lights which are quite helpful in foggy, rainy, or snowy weather. This has been developed as a waterproof gadget and cannot be easily corroded or broken.

It can be used between 6 months to 1 year or more if taken proper care of. It has brake lights like a car on the backside of the helmet too. The price also ranges between one thousand to four thousand only.

3. Car Phone Holder

This is another very cool gadget available in Pakistan on different online shopping sites. Though one should avoid using the mobile phone while driving at times you can be on a video call, an urgent voice call, or using the map to get directions, where this gadget can be useful. Using this gadget, you can clip your phone onto the windscreen, back-mirror, or the dashboard. This allows you to use both the hands-free while driving and avoid accidents.

4. Home Security Camera


In this tech-fast growing world, there are amazing protection tools, of which one is to safeguard your home when you are away. This gadget is amazing and helps the owner know what’ going on when actually he or she is not there. They are available in high-resolution videos and built-in with different products. This is very simple to set up and use inside or outside your door and comes with a cloud facility too. The price of this gadget ranges between five thousand to twenty thousand.

5. Smartwatch


This amazing gadget, out of 5 cool gadgets in 2020, is less commonly used in Pakistan as people believe that buying this gadget is just a waste of money. But this cool gadget is capable of doing a lot of things that will wonder us. Since smartphones have come to our lives, the wristwatches are worn to look good on wrists.

A smartwatch is capable of guiding you on your way, helping you find your lost phone and help you with body fitness through heart rate, pulse rate, step count, and so on. With this small upgraded gadget, now you can also attend calls and reply to messages besides seeing your social media notifications. The batteries are so good that they last longer than any high battery smart-phone of 2020. The newer smartwatches allow you to access YouTube videos and social media accounts through wifi.

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