PM Imran Khan Denies Any Pressures From Army


Speaking to a private media channel, PM Imran Khan asserted that he has not been under pressure from Armed Forces and we have a complete influence on the country’s foreign policy.

He further added I would have shown resistance if there has been any kind of pressure from forces. The existing foreign policy is completely out of influence and is in accordance with PTI’s manifesto.

He was addressing a private news channel where he also poured words on different national-level issues and spotted opposition leadership in his talk.

He was of the view that Pakistan is being praised globally for her advocacy and intervention on non-military solutions to various conflicts.

“There was pressure on us to take a side in a conflict between any Muslim countries; we said we would remain neutral and play our role in uniting Muslim countries instead,” he said. 

The Prime Minister stated that Former PTI General Secretary Jahangeer Tareen in is hot water these days due to the sugar case investigation but I don’t want to interfere in the state’s institutional investigation, though we have closely worked together in the past. He added that Jahangeer Tareen believes that he is innocent, but the institutions should do their investigation work.

He said that this was the first time in the history of Pakistan that an inquiry against the sugar cartel was launched and an FIR was also generated against Tareen.

Responding to a media question regarding the removal of former Punjab Govt. spokesperson Fayyaz Chohan and appointment of Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan as special assistant to the CM Punjab, PM said that the players of the game need to change in order to win the match. He further added that “He wanted a strong ministry that he has been given now.”

Answering another question regarding Punjab Govt., PM said that we believe in merit and we have brought people on merit, changing the existing 30 years old set up that always remained the same.

He extended his satisfaction towards working on the new IG Punjab as he was doing excellent work. He was also delighted with CM Punjab’s performance on development projects in Punjab.

“You will see that after five years, Usman Buzdar will be the number one chief minister in the country,” he said.

While responding to questions related to allegations of being a ‘selected’ PM, he said that he unable to understand opposition’s criticism on him.

He said that PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto was the party leader because of Benazir Bhutto’s will, and Maryam Nawaz is blessed to lead PML-N because she is Nawaz Sharif’s daughter. He lashed out that how could they raise such allegations on a person who untiringly struggled for 22 big years in politics.

He asserted that both the big parties had opened corruption cases against each other, and it was Nawaz Sharif who threw Asif Ali Zardari in jail. We have only made cases against Shahbaz Sharif.

Answering a question on the medical condition of Nawaz Sharif, he said that he was amazed when e went through the medical reports of Nawaz Sharif that how could someone suffer from so many ailments like that. He said, “No one asserted any pressure on me to send Nawaz Sharif abroad, nor can anyone do so.”

PM Imran Khan said that whatever he does, ISI and IB knows about it.

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