10 Easy Ways To Start Online Earning In Pakistan


Nowadays everyone wants to make money sitting at home in Pakistan. Many people were doing a full-time job and supporting their families but due to the pandemic of Covid-19, everyone is searching and looking for online jobs because the unemployment ratio is increasing from time to time. Even students are willing to start online earning in Pakistan.

These are some very common queries searched on Google nowadays in Pakistan.

  • How to make money sitting at home in Pakistan?
  • How do I earn money with zero investment?
  • I am Student, how can I start online earning?
  • How to make money online during COVID 19 pandemics in Pakistan?

Online Earning in Pakistan In 2021

If you want to start earning online and don’t know how and what way to start? Then don’t worry you are at the right place! Today I will tell you the top 10 easy ways that will help you to start online earning in Pakistan

So sit relax and start reading from top to bottom.

1. Blogging

First thing first! Blogging is the best way to start sharing your knowledge with the world.

You can start blogging and make millions of rupees. Blogging can change your lifestyle.

Starting blog with your interest in more important factor in long term earning from your blog.

You have to choose best domain (name of your website/blog) and web hosting.

Start blogging and publishing content of your interest on your website and optimizing it for getting more traffic to your blog with S.E.O and social platform sharing.

Once you get thousands and millions of traffic to your blog you can monetize your website with Google Adsense and other ads networks.

Well, after getting traffic to your website you can submit your blog for monetization.

Most common queries asked about Blogging

How can I earn from Blogging?

Getting approved from ads network you can display ads on your website and start earning.

Some ads network for your websites are:

  • Google Adsense
  • Infolinks
  • Media.net
  • Propeller Ads
  • Popads
  • Infolinks
  • Revenuehits

You can also earn from sponsored ship and from advertising on your website.

How much can I earn from Blogging in Pakistan?

You can earn millions of rupees, as it is long term way for making money.

Therefore you should start niche based blog so you can easy get ranked. Because more traffic will make your millions of rupees.

2. Freelancing

Most of the student and every educated person know about the term of Freelancing very well.

Freelancing is the job where you are self-employed.

Freelancing is a service based job, where you give services to some particular people on particular project.

There are different marketplace where people around the world post/publish the projects for freelancers.

Where You (Freelancer) with having expertise bid on that project or offer their services.

After completing the project or task you are get paid for that service.

It is not only the best source of making money, but it is demanding nowadays in Pakistan. There are millions of freelancers who are working at home and making some handsome amount and supporting their families.

Websites or Platforms for Freelancing in Pakistan

3. Content Writing

Content writing is the vast skill. Every blogger or a webmaster is always looking for a unique and pro article writer for their blog.

Because content is the king of every website. If you are a student or having an interest in writing skills you can make a handsome amount for providing your content writing skill.

You can be a general writer or a niche base writer. You have to polish your research and writing skills. There are many online platforms where you give article writing services online in Pakistan.

Here are some Content writing freelance marketplaces:

4. Graphic Designing

Graphic design is the significant and well demanded skill in freelancing.

If you are graphic lover and you think that I can give the creative ideas to a design.

Definitely you should start your career in online market place as a graphic designer.

Graphic design pays you more that will change the standard of your life.

It is vast field and millions of students are earning good amount of money in Pakistan as a graphic designer.

Services you can provide as a designer in Pakistan are logo design for any company, banner design, Brand style design, and many other services.

There are many online freelance marketplaces that I have already shared in this article where you start a career as a graphic designer.

5. Digital Marketing

Past time has gone, where companies used to hire salesmen for their brand promoting and increasing the sales of their company products.

The term Digital Marketing is very clear with the word “Marketing”. Doing marketing of your brand in a digital way, Nowadays promoting and increasing the sales of products of any brand on the internet.

Promoting or selling the product with digital skills is called the Digital Marketing.

Companies hire a digital marketer for their brand promoting which increase also profit ratio of any company.

Digital marketers are paid handsome amounts for their services. If you have good communication skills then you can give your services as Digital Marketer in Pakistan online.

6. YouTube

Looking for a job may not be the only way to generate passive income.

As Pakistan is developing in the field of Technology. Everyone is very well-known about the YouTube.

People are getting familiar overnight on YouTube because they are sharing the knowledge in the form of video.

They are earning millions of rupees just uploading the videos.

You can start earning money in Pakistan from YouTube.

You need to start your channel on niche according to your interest.

Start making videos and uploading them on a channel and get monetized. When your channel starts growing in the niche you have selected you may also earn from sponsorship.

7. Data Entry/Virtual Assistant

Now it is possible to earn money from comfort of your home due to internet.

There are many ways to earn money. Data Entry or working as a Virtual Assistant is also a demanded skill nowadays.

Data entry is the best option for any student who wants to earn at teenage or in college life.

There are many services of data entry just Like Copy paste work, file conversion, MS Office work, and many more. You can also be a Virtual Assistant for someone, maintain records, and make a passive income as a student in Pakistan as a part-time job or you can make a career in data entry

8. Online Tutoring

Are you really wants to increase your income just sitting at home? Online tutoring payoff a passive income.

It gives an opportunity to students to make money and give flexible lifestyle.

Many of students need teacher who provide them instructions and help them in their story.

Online Tutoring is a way of teaching online in the form of course and it is totally their own set schedule task to complete in comfort time for both students and tutors.

There are many people who are giving online tutor to thousand of students and get paid for their services. You can start teaching online in part time or in your weekend days to earn some extra income from home.

These are few best websites in Pakistan

9. Affiliate Marketing

Do you know about Affiliate Marketing? Okay let’s first give you a brief introduction about Affiliate Marketing.

It is the process of getting affiliate commission on sale based for recommendation to others.

Affiliate Marketing makes money for you even in your sleeping hours.

It is the best way to earn passive income doing Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan.

To get the success you just need to know how affiliate marketing works and what doesn’t work. Follow these steps while doing affiliate marketing.

  • Be Patient
  • Choose More Attractive Products
  • Research Product Demand
  • Use Several Traffic Sources
  • Select and Attract Targeted Traffic
  • Select the Right Advertiser
  • Follow new methods and Techniques

Many people are working as a Affiliate Marketer and earning passive income in Pakistan sitting from home.

10. Website Designing

Last but not least, there are millions of websites on the internet and these numbers rises day by day. Every website needs a beautiful design that is only possible by the website designers.

Who are expert in the skill of website development and earning money from home.

Website design is the best and lifetime skill which is growing day by day.

If you want your life flexible, standard and comfort then you can do website development as a part time or make it full time career.

Start website development as a freelancer and give your services to earn.

It has very competitive but you need to polish you skill time to time. Some best platform for Website Development.

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