StormFiber Packages, Availability, Comparison & Reviews in Pakistan


StormFiber is very authentic and Pakistan’s best and most reliable fiber to the internet at your home, your television service, and your phone and landline services provider. It is powered through Cybernet which is one of the leading corporate internet service providers in Pakistan. StormFiber has always self-proclaimed itself to be the provider of the highest quality services. With its connection to home services in Pakistan, it is highly trusted by a lot of masses here. StormFiber provides its customers with an unlimited and consistent speed that is more reliable than the usual broadband used in Pakistan.

This strong fiber is Pakistan’s most trusted fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) internet, television, and telephone services provider with a high-scale and reliable network spanning across Pakistan. They are powered by Cybernet, which is a part of the Lakson Group of Companies and one of the shareholders of broadband services in Pakistan. Every day, millions of customers in Pakistan experience high-speed internet, which helps them experience clear voice services and high-definition television graphics through the power of the Fiber Network which is StormFiber.

What Makes Stormfiber So Unique?

StormFiber’s infrastructure is very unique as compared to other fiber-optic networks. Its infrastructure is designed by the best telecommunications minds in Pakistan. It is genius in every way possible. The StormFiber is designed in accordance with international standards. This helps in protection and resistance against environmental hazards and provides you with insurance.

The StormFiber network is designed to automatically detect any loss in connections of signals. Because of this, StormFiber customers do not encounter issues when using their fast connection service.

StormFiber especially allows internet signals to be broadcast to your home through its engineered fiber-optic structure. With stormFiber’s home service, the customers receive internet and other connections with consistent speeds that are more reliable than the usual broadband services in Pakistan.

When it comes to line connections in Pakistan, the local ISP services use copper-wired lines to cover the distance to your home which is a non-reliable way of connection. However, StormFiber is designed with fiber optic cables that give you greater data security, stable connectivity, and nonstop consistent speeds.

Services Provided By Stormfiber

I suppose you have two devices at your house and both are powered by Wi-Fi services. Now, what’s the difference? The local traditional broadband, which is one of the devices, will provide internet functionality only while the user has internet, TV, and phone services available at home for their enjoyment.

Normally for WI-FI signal coverage in homes, it happens because the signals from our triple means of Optical Network Terminal (ONT) device might not be reaching some parts of your home.

The antennas of ONT have a limited transmission strength and obstacles such as the thickness of the walls, pillars, and Floors can cause the signals to weaken rapidly. However, StormFiber provides you with its own installed smart GPON modem that boosts up your internet connection. You stay connected with your internet despite power outages citywide especially the StormFiber in Karachi.

StormFiber offers spectacular Consumer Internet bandwidth with no volume cap or download limit up till now. Moreover, FUP (Fair Usage Policy) as per the rules and regulations of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) is applied to the whole system.

FiberLink Vs Stormfiber                    

1. Installation:

When we compare the installation process of fiber link with StormFiber, the installation is much faster and much less stressful on StormFiber. Compared with StormFiber, their modem is made by Huawei and has an additional double antenna Wi-Fi router inside. The user is required to not use this Wi-Fi and just connect his Wi-Fi from the tp-link because its Wi-Fi is very strong.

The Wi-Fi in StormFiber’s modem is even better than any traditional separate Wi-Fi router including a fiber link. StormFiber takes just a week to install, has a much better modem, a Wi-Fi included built-in and they claim their system is so much more efficient.

2. Payment:

Pricing plays an important role, Fiber link charges 5000 rupees for installation and then you have to pay extra for your package so you end up paying a total of at least 6000 rupees but you don’t even get Wi-Fi in that. In StormFiber in Pakistan, you pay 5000 rupees however which also includes your internet charge of the month which is included in this as well and you get actually good Wi-Fi speed.

There’s an online portal where you can make your payment and also check your payment history or any issues that were concerning, then and there. On the other hand, this service of payment is better as compared to a fiber link. The payment is the same for any StormFiber in Karachi, StormFiber in Lahore, StormFiber in Islamabad, StormFiber in Multan, and the other cities of Pakistan where this service of StormFiber is available.

Cable Quality Of Stormfiber

The cable on StormFiber has a certain thickness than Fiber Link’s even though the inner cable is the same size. The StormFiber’s cable looks sturdy and strong because of its thickness. The outer casing of the cable is basically thicker for reinforcement so that cables don’t break easily

Stormfiber’s Customer Service And Availability

When it comes to Fiber Link the customer service consists of their helpline, where usually the reviews have not been good as compared to StormFiber reviews, and even if someone picks up you would have to wait 40 minutes before someone talks to you. When it comes to StormFiber, it’s easy to communicate with them.

When you call the helpline there is a team of people that will immediately pick up, transfer, and connect you to another person that might help you, and soon enough your issues will be addressed and solved.

StormFiber is a bit more expensive than fiber link, but trust me, it’s worth the installation. The ping on Stromfiber is also a little higher than usual but let’s suppose you have two grocery stores in your town. One is near your place but the salesman there is rude to you or doesn’t provide you with the best quality products and whenever you go to that store you feel frustrated and disappointed while there is another grocery store that is a bit far from your place but has a much better salesman who is kind to you and there are hardly ever any mishaps.

In the end, both do the same thing, both provide the same service but the difference is you don’t get mental stress or you don’t feel frustrated on the second one. It’s the same way with traditional separate Wi-Fi routers and StormFiber. Even though StormFiber is more expensive it’s well worth buying.  

When you consider their installation time, their customer service, and their payment methods, while fiber link obviously charges you less but lacks in all those things. When you pay your money for internet service it is necessary and important to deliver the promised service.

Stormfiber Coverage

  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Faisalabad
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta
  • Multan
  • Hyderabad
  • Gujranwala
  • Sialkot

Stormfiber Packages In Pakistan

1. 1 Month Free-Net

(PROMO1) Double Play Packages

(Net + PHONE)

                  SPEED               PER MONTH    INSTALLATION CHARGES
                  10Mbps         1799/- Incl. Tax 2396/-                  4999/-
  • Super Saver Double Play 10Mbps(Net + Phone)
                 SPEED             PER MONTH     INSTALLATION CHARGES
                  10Mbps         1799/- Incl. Tax 2396/-1st Month 2499               2nd Month 2499

2. 1 Month Free Net

(PROMO1) Triple Play Packages

(Net + TV + PHONE) HD BOX Promos

                       SPEED           PER MONTH     INSTALLATION CHARGES
10Mbps1999/-Incl. Tax 2567+5999/-
20Mbps2999/-Incl. Tax 3912+6999/-
30Mbps3999/-Incl. Tax 5256+7999/-
50Mbps5999/-Incl. Tax 7945+11499/-
100Mbps9999/-Incl. Tax 13322+14499/-

StormFiber packages are very reliable and it consists of many different and new internet packages that have been specially designed in a way that they fulfill the requirements of every person.

Stormfiber Reach

Currently, StormFiber provides its services in selected areas of Karachi, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Multan, Quetta, Hyderabad & Lahore. It is spreading all over Pakistan very soon.

Stormfiber Reviews

Ahmad: I have it installed at home as well as in my office. It runs so smoothly, hardly ever a glitch. Trans and Optix are all babies in front of Storm Fiber. Literally, it blows away all other services.

Faisal: Stormfiber has the best TV and Internet services in town, go for it.

Ammar: Storm fiber has ended the discontinuous internet connection. Now, I never ever have to think about the time of the day to use the internet as was the case before Storm Fiber when you cannot experience smooth internet from evening to midnight.

Faseh Khan: You will not regret it, having SF is like having peace of mind.

Kumail: Comparing storm fiber with Otix or trans is like comparing the best with the rest.

Innam: The best services provider Stormfiber

Mazhar: Although installation charges were very high PKR 13000, it is the best internet facility and is worth spending.

Hamza: I am using it in my office now without any regret even for a single moment.

Khayyam: I paid 10,000 and in return got the installation and 3 months’ bill covered in it… And now on average 2,500/month bill including the phone call charges and the service is really great.

Noman: Go for it. Cheaper than PTCL. No downtime so far as per my experience. Promotional package 10k including installation and 3 months bill.

Bilal Ahsan: Service is good, but support is pathetic… once the issue gets solved just pray that nothing bad happens… as the issue will not be solved in less than 4 days.

Ashraf: Probably the best internet service I have gotten till now.

Muzammil: The best services provider Stormfiber.

Irfan: You will not regret it, having SF is like having peace of mind.

Luqman: To Stormfiber guys, I am very thankful that you installed my internet quickly and I’m hoping that this year will be much less headache.

Muhammad Arshad: Order a new connection online and get an unpaid invoice same time. I paid through a debit card same time so I could get my connection quickly guess what it’s been 3 weeks, and no one bothered to even explain to us why the connection was delayed. They are only good at charging online and that is all. I called customer service many times they have my details in their system but not new connection details.

You have to explain from the start and the robotic staff kept listening and then said thank you very much. If they do it like this with new customers imagine how they will handle future complaints. I am requesting the bank to reverse my transaction they promised for the service and service never provided. Heard the company is good but must be in the wrong management. Not recommended at all

Shyck Zain: It’s v.nice. But it also gives a glitch during some matches. Please fix it. Overall excellent.

Muhammad Hammad: Best internet service. Only 1 call reply that is good.

Umair Riaz -Admin Professional: They have the best Internet town. I installed it 2 years ago and had only 1 complaint. Highly recommended.

Stormfiber Contact (Locations, Numbers, Email, Phone Number)


  • StormFiber Internet service provider

Phone: (021) 111 178 676

Location: Karachi

  • Storm Fiber Internet service provider

Phone: · (042) 111 178 676

Location: Lahore

  • Storm Fiber Internet Service Provider

Phone: (091) 111 178 676

Location: Peshawar

  • Storm Fiber Peshawar

Phone: (091) 111 178 676

Location: Danishabad area, Peshawar

  • Storm Fiber (Wireless Pak)

Phone: 0313 0545656

Location: Lahore

  • Storm Fiber Multan

Phone: (061) 111 178 676

Location: Multan

  • StormFiber Quetta

Phone: 0300 3821129

Location: Quetta

  • Storm Fiber Sialkot

Phone: (052) 111 178 676

Location: Quetta

  • Storm Fiber Faisalabad

Phone: (041) 111 178 676

Location: Faisalabad

  1. StormFiber Sales Executive Humayun

Phone: 0313 3055681

Location: Hyderabad

  1. StormFiber Sales Executive Uzair

Phone: 0333 6611988

Location: Qasimabad, Hyderabad

  1. StormFiber Islamabad

Phone: (051) 111 178 676

Location: Street 10, I-9/2 Industrial Area, Islamabad, 44000

  1. StormFiber (Regional Head Office)

Phone: (042) 111 178 676

Location: 15-A Johar Town, Block A Abdalians Cooperative Housing Society, Lahore, Punjab 54000

  1. StormFiber – Cybernet Main Office

Phone: 0305 1897326

Location: Kothi Al Kabir, Chah Usman Wala, Multan, Punjab 66000

  1. StormFiber Gujranwala

Phone: 0306 0170132

Location: Oppo, Garden Town Blvd, near Total Petrol Pump, Gujranwala, 52250

  1. Stormfiber Gulshan Office

Phone: (021) 111 178 676

Location: Plot E, 64/1, Block 7 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh


StormFiber is the most reliable fiber to the home internet, television, and phone service provider for the people of Pakistan providing them with the best service. It is linked with Cybernet which has launched this company, it is the leading corporate internet service providing company and the users will enjoy the StormFiber Internet, TV, and phone packages.

This internet service-providing company proudly claims that it provides the highest quality services and more so, the reviews for StormFiber have been positive for now and prove the company’s claim correct. The Fiber-to-the-home users will get a consistently fast speed which is so much more reliable than traditional broadband.

StormFiber introduced many internet packages in 2020 and these packages are designed to meet the requirements of the users in every case. StormFiber provides services in some selected regions of Pakistan that are in Faisalabad, Karachi, Multan, Peshawar, Lahore, Quetta, Hyderabad, and Multan.

Its speed is fast where no waiting and no lags are found. No more buffering. StormFiber allows you to enjoy your internet experience without having to waste your precious time. It provides you with the best service. Don’t let downtime slow you down. The best thing is that StormFiber is a self-diagnosing ISP that will work out your problems and provide you with uninterrupted services of the internet. StormFiber gives you wide access to the fast-paced universe of online video gaming, live streaming, movies, music, TV shows and so much more. Just know that the world is Digital.

Go get your own StormFiber installation and feel the change!

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