Top 10 Most Famous Places in Pakistan


Are you planning to explore Pakistan? Here is a list of the top 10 most famous and beautiful places in Pakistan that you should visit 

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is known as the 2nd most beautiful capital of the world. Moreover, Pakistan is a country with many other tourist attractions in all provinces.

Pakistan’s huge tourism rate is due to its beautiful sceneries and cultural heritage. 

Whether you are a lover of nature or want to know old heritage, Pakistan will give multiple options to tourists according to their taste.

It includes Northern areas of Pakistan like Naran Kaghan, Hunza Valley, Swat, etc, and cultural and historical places like Badshahi mosque, Pakistan monument, etc. 

You can choose any of the places from the list below to make a memorable trip to it. The top 10 most famous places in Pakistan are below: 

1. Faisal Mosque

Famous Places in Pakistan - Faisal Mosque
Famous Places in Pakistan – Faisal Mosque

Faisal mosque, also known as “The Shah Faisal Mosque”, is located in Islamabad which is the most beautiful city in Pakistan. You can have a glimpse of the beautiful mosque from Faisal Avenue.

Margala Hills in the background makes the view worth seeing. 

Faisal Mosque, the 4th largest mosque in the world, is named after King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. Because he was the person who recommended the idea of constructing a “National Mosque of Pakistan”. Besides, he gave 120 million dollars for financing the project.

It is such a masterpiece that it is always crowded with tourists. The design of the mosque was done by Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay who gave it a Bedouin’s tent shape. Its architecture has a Turkish touch and the 260 ft. high four minarets are inspired by Holy Kaaba. 

The interior of the mosque is decorated with beautiful calligraphies, mosaic patterns, Turkish chandelier and is covered with white marbles. With a separate prayer hall for women, the tiles of this hall are imported from Greece, a University, library, and café too.

This mosque covers an area of 47.7 acres. It can accommodate 1,00,000 people at a time. 

The interior as well as the exterior view of the Faisal Mosque is mesmerizing enough that you will never forget this magnificent piece of art if you once visit it. 

2. Badshahi Mosque

Famous Places in Pakistan - Badshahi Mosque

Anyone planning to visit Lahore should surely plan a trip to the iconic Badshahi Mosque. It is one of the oldest historical buildings situated in the center of Lahore. It was built by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb between 1672-1674. 

It was the largest mosque for many years after its construction. But now it is the 5th largest mosque in the world. It has a capacity of more than 100,000 people.  

The spectacular architecture, of the Mughal Era, is a great source of attraction for tourists all around the world. People visit the Badshahi mosque to see its unique construction, it is made of entirely marble and red stone.

The white stone used for constructing a place of ablution remains cold even on intensely hot days. Badshahi Mosque is undoubtedly one of the most famous places in Pakistan. Lahore is the best ever place in Pakistan for tourism.

3. Hunza Valley

Famous Places in Pakistan - Hunza Valley

Hunza valley is also known as “Heaven on the Earth”. It is situated in the Gilgit Baltistan region. It shares a border with China. This beautiful valley is surrounded by high mountains from all sides and you can see a spectacular view from the valley. 

Hunza valley, situated at an altitude of 2438 meters above the sea level, is divided into three regions

  • Upper Hunza: Most commonly known as Gojal. The famous Karakoram Highway is located in this region. 
  • Central Hunza: This region consists of beautiful villages. Atta Abad lake is also in this region. 
  • Lower Hunza: It also includes some of the amazing and mesmerizing villages. 

Famous places to visit in Hunza include Khunjrab Pass, Rakaposhi, Batura Glacier, and Nagar valley. The weather of Hunza valley makes it a top holiday destination in Pakistan.

The people of Hunza have a diverse culture to show to the tourists and are considered the best in hospitality. 

If you want to explore some of the world’s biggest glaciers and natural landscapes, then you should add Hunza to your list.

4. Kaghan Valley

Famous Places in Pakistan - Kaghan Valley

Kaghan Valley is an aesthetically pleasing valley located in the North-East of Pakistan. This valley attracts a huge number of local as well as international tourists every year. This charming tourist attraction is located in the lower Himalayan mountains range

Some of the most famous places here are Shogran, Naran, Lake Saiful Muluk, Lulu Sar Lake, Babusar Pass, and much more. The weather in Kaghan valley is best in summers. Naran is one of the most famous tourist attractions here.

Thousands of people visit Naran every day. It is undoubtedly among the most famous places in Pakistan.

5. Noor Mahal

Famous Places in Pakistan - Noor Mahal
Famous Places in Pakistan – Noor Mahal

Noor Mahal, known as the Palace of Lights, is a famous historical place in Bahawalpur. It was built by Nawab Subah Sadiq Muhammad Khan IV for his wife. It is one of the most amazing historical building that is a famous place to visit in Southern Punjab, Pakistan. 

This palace with huge 32 rooms, 6 verandas, and 5 domes was built in 1875. Its architecture shows his founder’s passion for constructing beautiful buildings. It was designed by an Englishmen Mr. Hannan.

The interior and the exterior of this beautiful palace gives a true impression of the ancient legacy.

6. Swat Valley

Famous Places in Pakistan - Swat Valley
Famous Places in Pakistan – Murree

Do you want to have a glimpse of Switzerland in Pakistan? Then make a trip to Swat valley today. It is famous as “Mini Switzerland of Pakistan”.

Swat valley is a beautiful valley and an administrative district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is an upper valley of Swat River at an altitude of 3,220 ft that lies in the Hindu Kush Range.

Swat has cold and wet weather that makes it one of the most famous places in Pakistan. The snowfall season is such a soothing sight that you will never forget the essence of the time you spend there. 

Most famous places in Swat include Mahodand Valley and lake, Malam Jabba, Kalam valley, Bonir, Der, etc. Swat is Pakistan’s most well-known tourist attraction and the number of visitors increases every year.

7. Masjid Wazir Khan

Masjid Wazir Khan

Masjid Wazir Khan, located in the inner walled city of old Lahore, is an excellent example of the Mughal Era’s heritage. The gorgeous mosque with its impressive architecture is definitely among the top famous places in Pakistan.

Thousands of tourists, all across the world, visit this beautiful mosque. It was built in 1634 by Sheikh Ilm-ud-din Ansari, also known as Wazir Khan, who was the Viceroy of Punjab under Shah Jahan. 

Wazir Khan mosque is one of the spectacular architectural monuments in Lahore and has 5 compartments with a dome and a spacious courtyard. The interior walls of Wazir Khan are decorated with amazing mosaic work, Arabic calligraphies, and Persian Poetry. 

It is a place worth seeing if you want to explore and have a close look at ancient architecture.

8. Murree

Famous Places in Pakistan - Murree

Murree is a top holiday destination in Pakistan. Murree is situated 60km from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. A part of Margalla hills and located at a high altitude than the sea level. 

The scenic and calming atmosphere, the lush green trees, and crystal-clear rivers are a great tourist attraction for the local community of Pakistan. People of Pakistan love to spend their summers there due to the pleasing weather of Murree.

In winters, the snowfall is also an astonishing sight. Murree Mall road is one of the top tourist attractions.

Murree is the most visited and famous place in Pakistan due to some adjacent charming places as well. These include Ayubia, Nathia Gali, Khanspur, Dunga Gali, etc.

If you are planning a trip to Islamabad or Rawalpindi, then Murree is also an amazing place that you can visit to have some quality time.

9. Pakistan Monument

Famous Places in Pakistan - Pakistan monument

Pakistan’s monument situated in Islamabad was inaugurated in 2007. It is located on the western Shakarparian Hills. It is dedicated to the great people of Pakistan who sacrificed their “today” for a better “tomorrow” of the nation. 

It is a historical monument and the petal-shaped design conveys a beautiful message of unity of Pakistani people. His planner gained inspiration for its beautiful design from a blooming blossom.

The four large and three small petal-shaped structures refer to the four areas and three domains into which Pakistan is sub-divided. 

This magnificent piece of art can be seen from the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area. The petals are embellished with paintings. A metallic sickle is present beneath the petals, which have the verses of the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

In addition to the aforementioned splendid aspects, the Pakistan monument museum is another reason for its being the most famous place in Pakistan.

10. Margalla Hills

Famous Places in Pakistan - Noor Mahal

Margalla hills Islamabad is a hill station located in the Himalayas. It has a famous place in Pakistan for tourists due to the breathtaking view from the top of Daman-e-Koh, also located in Margalla hills, and bird watching activity. 

These hills are home to many birds such as Himalayan griffon vulture, kestrel, Indian sparrow hawk, etc. These hills are a part of Murree hills, another reason to make it a top tourist attraction in Pakistan. It has many beautiful valleys and mighty mountains. 

Margalla hills national park is also a top tourist attraction. You can enjoy a spectacular view of Islamabad from Monal restaurant located at the top of Margalla Hill Islamabad. 

These are the top 10 most famous places in Pakistan. Plan a trip today to have memorable memories.

And the history of Pakistan is also great to know. Following are the cities of Pakistan that are well-known by its history:

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