Complete Guide About Pakistan Testing Service (PTS)


Pakistan Testing Service or PTS, you often hear this term while getting information about your higher education (during admission in universities) and professional life when applying for certain jobs.

However, if you don’t have essential information about Pakistan’s testing services, read on!

This writing will provide you with a complete guide about Pakistan Testing Service (PTS). In this article, you’ll get all the essential explanations about PTS, its objective, vision, mission, testing strategy, and its affiliate links with other organizations.

Plus, we’ll describe the entire process of applying for these tests. Also, try to answer most of your queries regarding the test procedure.

What is Pakistan Testing Service?

The Pakistan Testing Service (PTS) is the broadest examination platform. The primary goal of PTS is to facilitate the different organizations/institutions’ in choosing the best.

It was founded in 2014 and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

PTS is an autonomous testing organization providing extraordinary services all around Pakistan. It helps the institutes in determining the potential candidate’s ability for recruitments, scholarships, and admissions.

Similarly, it enables other business organizations to select compassionate individuals for their industries_ that work perfectly for their growth and productivity.

PTS id delivering its assistance to all institutions across the country in both the public and private sectors.

It is procuring quality services that are based on accurate and translucent results. Besides, its services include the conduction of aptitude tests, entry tests, and the merit selection process.

Objective of PTS

The core objective of PTS is to offer an authentic and high-standard environment for the future leading generation. Also, it is giving optimistic support to institutions to enhance their service qualities.

PTS believes and is firm to promote transparency and selection on merit without any discrimination

PTS Vision And Mission

PTS has a robust vision to give plausible opportunities to the most deserving candidates without any prejudice. Moreover, it is working the betterment of educational institutes and providing them to select best in both academic and employment fields.

It is on a mission to deliver its assistance to all organizations and promote impartial decisions across the country. Further, it makes their work more manageable and precise.

PTS strategy

The PTS strategy is an exact reflection of its version and mission. It has changed the unjust conventional quota system with the selection of candidates based on their abilities.

In the field of education, it aims to allow the eligible to get admission in standard public and private sectors universities under Higher Education Commission.

Also, it helps other organizations to enhance and improve their techniques, skill, and aptitude. The PTS tests are designed to analyze the candidate’s capability and personality integrity to appoint suitable persons for the vacant seats.

International Affiliations Of PTS

PTS is also associated with several well-known international organizations. These include:

  1. International Association for Educational Assessment
  2. Association of Test Publishers, USA
  3. Association of Educational Assessment, Europe
  4. The National College Testing Association
  5. International Development Evaluation Association

How can I get PTS application forms?

You can get any kind of PTS application directly from its official website ( Yet you can apply for registration before its last date of registration of that institution _ without any charges.

How To Apply for Pakistan Testing Service?

If you are concerned about applying and admission to the most named institutions, don’t stress yourself.

First, it would help you explore the ToRs (Terms of reference) of your targeted institutions before applying.

If you are passionate about applying, any foreign institution must visit your selected institutions’ pre-requisite_ accessible at their websites.

After Downloading the form from the PTS site, follow the given instructions.

  1. Fill it with all the required details correctly(you can also fill it before downloading_online).
  2. Submit the test fee in one of the mentioned Banks: UBL, ABL, MCB, or HBL.
  3. Attach the deposit challan(original PTS copy) and post it to the provided address.
  4. Finally, you are ready to post it through Pakistan Post or any other accessible Courier service.

Now your process has been completed.

After successful submission of your application, you’ll receive the roll number slip at the provided address.

Points to be considered

Must read it to avoid any mistake.

  1. Use the black ink pen to fill details in the blocks of form.
  2. Write down all the information; name, father name, caste, address, and CNIC number precisely without any spelling mistake to avoid any complication.
  3. Select the preferable city from available options where you want to take your test.
  4. The submitted E-mail address should be valid.
  5. Do not forget to attach the original deposit challan (PTS copy) with your application form.
  6. Paste(with gum) two copies of recent passport size photographs at appropriate places.
  7. Must attach a CNIC copy with your application.
  8. Keep in mind that incorrect or incomplete information can result in the rejection of your application.
  9. Write there your valid phone number and right postal address.

After registration

When you get registered for PTS, you’ll receive a Call Letter or Roll Number Slip at your written address. It mainly comprises your roll number, the test venue, and other disciplinary details.

How can I get the test schedule?

All the details, updates, and notifications are available on the PTS official site ( You can easily browse its official website to get a view of all the uploaded schedules.

Rules and Regulations for candidates

The PTS has defined some rules and regulations for all the candidates to follow during the test.

  1. PTS takes all the tests according to provided schedules and at the exact time. It doesn’t conduct the same test later or against its plan.
  2. Stuff like phones, dictionaries are prohibited in the Testing Center.
  3. The candidates will not be permitted to eat or drink in the examination Hall.
  4. Smoking and tobacco combustion are strictly banned in the centre.
  5. Students without their roll number slips will not be allowed to take their tests.
  6. If the candidate roll number slip’s picture doesn’t match his/her current face, he/she will not be allowed to take the test.
  7. Any communication during the test is not allowed.

Pakistan Testing Service Contact details

For more details you can contact PTS


Phone Number: 051-111-111-787

Address: PTS Head Quarters , 3rd Floor, Adeel Plaza, Fazl-e-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad


In the above writing, we have shared all the details about the Pakistan Testing Service. Undoubtedly, PTS has changed the standards of the traditional way of allotting seats in academics and hiring employees. With the modern perspective of PTS, competent aspirants can get to their destination without any disparity.

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