5 Latest Information Technology (IT) Trends In Pakistan


In today’s revolutionizing world, it has become of necessity to be aware of every emerging trend, especially if we talk about the vast field of information technology.

Therefore an IT professional should keep an eye on every rising demand in the field to gain a skill set for a secure future. So, if you are also searching for the latest information technology trends in Pakistan, your search ends.

Below we have described the five IT trends in Pakistan that will be the future of this area. So, let’s learn about all these growing needs.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Internet of Things (IoT)
  3. Cybersecurity
  4. Blockchain
  5. 5G data networks

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence has already gained a lot of buzz in the world and is continuously diverting the attention of people. Currently, the most emerging trend in the IT field of Pakistan is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Simply, it is the utilization of computer algorithms to perform various tasks and helps in the prediction of future arising demands. AI has many benefits like it drives down time consumption and reducing high costs. Also, it can be operated 24/7 without any interruption.

Today, most businesses have started employing this bleeding-edge technology in their working strategies. AI allows these companies to ensure the delivery of better services to enhance the consumer’s experiences.

To deal with the current demand for AI, the government of Pakistan has launched a PIAIC program to train students in this field. Besides, many non-government institutions have started artificial intelligence study plans to deal with its demand.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is a new trend that is rapidly occurring in the Pakistan telecom industry. It permits these corporations to work remotely. IoT also assists in rapid and precise data collection relativity in a short period.

It is basically the connection of the internet’s computing devices (objects embedded with computer software and other technologies) to interchange data remotely from interconnected devices and systems.

It reduces the operational cost of businesses by using advanced analytics to underwrite all insights to compile detailed information. It is a prediction that soon, the need and demand for IoT will be increased extensively in order to meet the future needs of technology in Pakistan.

Therefore, the government has already established various projects such as Ignite, X bits, CricFlex, etc., to compete with its requirements.

3. Cybersecurity

It does not seem like evolving technology in Pakistan, yet its necessity will arise in the near future.

The need for proper cybersecurity is increasing due to a significant rise in cyber attacks. Such exposures result in the leakage of valuable data and the destruction of hardware and software.

The formation of proper cybersecurity configurations is vital to make sure that no computing data is stolen by cybercriminals. Therefore, it seems that it’ll be an emerging trend in the IT field.

Pakistan has inaugurated its first-ever Cyber Security Centre at Air University, Islamabad, intending to safeguard its cyberspace from attackers. This step will boost the importance of this most significant technical domain among the natives.

4. Blockchain

Blockchain technology is getting hype in the area of information technology all around the world.

Blockchain technology allows the collection of data. However, it does not allow to take away from or change it. So, this technique enables the formation of a chain of hard-and-fast data. This is what makes it super secure to utilize.

Moreover,  this cutting-edge technology eliminates the trust issues of people. No one can alter any information or data of previous blocks.

Now numerous companies are implementing blockchain technology to obtain certainty and for the safety of their information.

To combat blockchain technology development necessities, Pakistan’s government has established it in the banking sector. The main aim of it is to maintain transparency and to support financial fields.

5. 5G data networks

The 5th generation mobile data connectivity is today’s need; therefore, it includes the most desirable IT trend in Pakistan. The 5G networking enables super-fast downloading and uploading without any interruption.

All substantial mobile networks are striving to convey this service with affordable data plans that are in access of most of the users. It will allow stable connectivity and better coverage. 

The introduction of 5G will result in significant technology growth in Pakistan. It is expected that the 5G internet will be commercially available to consumers in 2022.


So, here are the primarily trending information technology fields. All these five are gaining hype rapidly in Pakistan. Different government and private programs have been working to deal with the pressures.

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