Facebook Screenshot Notification – New Update For Users

Facebook screenshot notification

Facebook has released yet another update. If you live in the notification dropdown, you will see that Facebook now has enabled an additional feature to let people know when screenshots of their messages are taken.

This new addition is meant to prevent the spreading of private information on the internet. From now on, anyone who takes a screenshot of your Facebook message will receive an alert notifying the person who originally sent out the message.

The update has caused quite a stir in social media, especially on Facebook itself where many people are concerned about their privacy. Some people believe that this update will do little to stop screenshot sharing, especially due to the fact that it is fairly easy for someone to take a screenshot by using a different phone or camera while viewing on their devices.

However, Facebook has stressed that this will be a vital step in protecting their users from malicious people who want to create havoc for others by spreading private information.