What Is One Load? How Is It Revolutionizing Mobile Top Up The Market?


You may hear about the one load service many times. However, if you are not familiar with this term, read this. Here you’ll get all the essentials about this service.

We have also put down a complete guideline for retailers from account opening (sign up) to adding money. Plus, all the things that you should know.

Firstly let’s try to understand about one load.

What is One Load?

One load has totally shifted the values of the telecom world. It is a universal top-up acceptable for all telecommunication service providers of Pakistan. It can be used for pre-paying mobile and broadband services.

How Is One Load Revolutionizing The Mobile Top-up Market?

The conventional top-up system is inconvenient for the retailers. Usually, the retailer has to keep four or five mobiles for topping up different networks. Further, another annoying thing is to maintain balance in all these phones separately.

However, one load has changed the perspective of the same thing. 

It has introduced a single platform for all network’s mobile top-up, which is effective and efficient. Simply, the retailers can load balance to any mobile operator company with its universal top-up. 

Hence it has eradicated the hesitation of maintaining top-ups of different telecom companies. Also, with one load, you don’t need to have more than one phone. 

The one load server is beneficial for all of its users, either they are retailers or civilians. 

There are a lot of benefits of having a one load service account.

  • You can freely share your mobile balance with your beloved ones, irrespective of their mobile networks. Also, you can send them free vouchers without conditions.
  • Further, it doesn’t charge extra money for its services. It means you can use it without any limitations.
  • There are no signup charges for one load account. Moreover, the procedure of signing up is simple and understandable.
  • It provides a free bill paying service.

Service charges

One of the reasons behind the rapid spreading of one load in Pakistan is its reasonable services.

  • There are no charges for opening a one load account.
  • You can add cash to your account through UBL Omni, or Bank Alfalah is free of cost.
  • You can pay your bills without any additional service charges.
  • It gives the facility of free mobile toping-up without any extra fees.

How To Sign-Up With One Load?

Its signing up procedure is simple and easy to understand. 

However, there are two ways to get your account. One is online, and the other is through its mobile app. 

1. Website 

What Is One Load? How Is It Revolutionizing Mobile Top Up The Market?

The first way is directly through one load website.


Here you have to fill an easy form with all the needed details correctly.  

2. Mobile App

What Is One Load How Is It Revolutionizing Mobile Top Up The Market

Second, you can sign up for one load through its app. It can be effortlessly downloaded on your Android or IOS phones.

3. One Load App For PC

You can also find one load app for your desktop or can use it on the web portal.

Login To One load account 

What Is One Load How Is It Revolutionizing Mobile Top Up The Market

When you sign up for an account, you have to provide your CNIC and valid phone number/ Email address, which you’ll use to login.

And a temporary password will be assigned to you for login to your account. Once you fill the form or finish the process, you can start using it.  

The most favourable aspect of one load service is that it is free of any hidden charges. You don’t have to spend even a penny on its maintenance.

After it, you can transfer money into it with Standard Chartered bank, Bank-Al-Habib, Meezan Bank, Summit Bank, Bank Alfalah, and from UBL Omni shop.

One Load Account For Retailers

If you are a retailer, then use the below link to sign up on one load.


Benefits Of One Load For Retailers 

After getting your account, you can begin your income by approving bill payments or mobile topping up commissions. There are numerous advantages you can obtain from one load. 

  • Let’s dive into its benefits for retailers to provide you with sufficient information.
  • It is convenient, reliable, and simple to use. 
  • It has no extra or hidden account chargers.
  • You get one universal account for all network top-ups. Therefore, you don’t need to have separate 4 or 5 different accounts.
  • It gives nearly market standard commissions.

It doesn’t require any kind of paperwork, and you can get it by filling in some necessary details.

One load helpline

If you have any concerns and are looking for its helpline, we have shared one load contact information below. So, if you have any queries, you can clear them.

Contact Details 

Email: sales@oneloadpk.com

UAN: (042) 111-115-623

Tel: +92 300 0843007


E-Processing Systems (Pvt) Limited, Systems Campus, E-1, Sehjpal Near DHA

Phase-VIII (Ex-Air Avenue),

Lahore Cantt, Pakistan.


The above guide will help you out to clarify all your questions related to one load. Also, we have described to you the advantages of it over the conventional top-up system. Now, you can turn to one load if you want.

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