Top 11 Business Schools in Pakistan


Pakistan is a country that offers students a chance to study a diversified collection of subjects through the best universities. Be it Engineering or Medical Sciences or Business Studies, many universities all over Pakistan offer top-quality education for the students. These universities hold high rankings not only in Pakistan but all over the world.

A list of the top and best Business Schools in Pakistan is given below. The ranking of universities in this list depends on multiple parameters, such as; Quality of education, research work, teaching quality, social affairs, facilities, and development.

Best Business Schools In Pakistan


Institute of Business Administration, also known as IBA comes among the top business universities in Pakistan and one of the best business schools in Pakistan. Situated in Karachi, IBA was established in 1955 with the joint efforts of the Government of Pakistan, Wharton School, and University of Southern California. Since then IBA holds the status of being one of the oldest and one of the best business schools in Pakistan.

According to the Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) ranking, IBA is ranked at the 1st position. Known for its quality of education, professional facilities, and environment, IBA is one of the only two Pakistani business schools that holds the South Asian Quality System certificate.

IBA has produced some of the brightest minds in the history of Pakistan. Some of the noteworthy graduates of IBA Karachi are:

  • Mamnoon Hussain (Former President of Pakistan)
  • Shaukat Aziz (Former Prime Minister of Pakistan)
  • M. Zubair Umar (Former Governor Sindh)
  • Asad Umar (Federal Minister)
  • Quentin D’Silva (Ex-CEO Shell Pakistan)
  • Sheharyar Munawar Siddiqui (Film Artist)


Top 11 Business Schools in Pakistan

IOBM, previously known as CBM is located in Korangi, Karachi. This university has the best business school ranking and is the best BBA university in Karachi and comes just under IBA. Whereas, it is ranked as the sixth-best business school in Pakistan by Higher Education Commission (HEC). IOBM has managed to gain the trust of large masses in Karachi in very little time. They have excellent teaching staff and various academic activities and professional presentations to round up any graduate student and shape them for the business market. IOBM offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in social sciences, computer studies, arts, and economics.

IOBM has produced some of the greatest and talented personalities in the country. The most reputable alumni of IOBM include:

  • Sanam Jang (actress/host)
  • Shahzeb Khanzada (host)
  • Hasan Ahmed (actor/host)


Top 11 Business Schools in Pakistan
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This prestigious university is located in Peshawar, KPK division. It offers various undergraduate and post-graduate programs including Business Administration, BBA, BS (Accounting & Finance), BBS, and social sciences programs. IMS has ranked as the university among the best business schools across Pakistan by the higher education commission (HEC) because of its world-class business education. Their masters and MBA programs and research degrees focus greatly on critical thinking, thorough research, and training. Their programs are designed to focus on strengthening the students in order to prepare them as critical detectives and practitioners in their own specific fields.


Top 11 Business Schools in Pakistan

Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology, also known as SZABIST is one of the best business schools in Pakistan. SZABIST was established with the aim to allow students to discover themselves in the field of science and business. It is a privately owned university that is serving to provide top-tier education all over Pakistan with different campuses nationwide.

SZABIST Karachi is one of the very few universities in Pakistan that is a part of the Association of Commonwealth Universities of the United Kingdom and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Since 2018, SZABIST stays in the top 3 business schools of Pakistan because of its diversified curriculums, quality education, and teachers. SZABIST is one of the best BBA universities in Karachi.

Some of the brightest names in Pakistan working in various industries belong to SZABIST. The notable alumni of SZABIST include:

  • Waseem Badami (Journalist and Presenter)
  • Bilal Abbas (Actor)
  • Fatima Lodhi (Social Activist)
  • Mustafa Changazi (Actor)


Top 11 Business Schools in Pakistan
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Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is a foremost name in the category of business education. LUMS has a history of producing the preeminent graduates of business that are proving to themselves all over the world. LUMS is not only of the best business schools in Pakistan, but it also ranks high in the list of Best Business Schools in Asia. It is one of the best BBA universities in Lahore.

LUMS offers admissions to around 3,500 students for graduate and undergraduate programs with a faculty of 200 teachers most of whom are qualified PhD holders. LUMS was brought into existence in 1985 to help young minds enlighten their brains with business aspects through high-quality teaching techniques, radical research, and a curriculum that will help the pupils to play their part for Pakistan and the whole world

LUMS has given a lot of brilliant personalities to Pakistan. The most distinguished of these are:

  • Umar Saif (Computer Scientist and Chief Digital Officer Jang Group)
  • Hina Rabbani Khar (Former Foreign Minister of Pakistan)
  • Cyril Almeida (Journalist)
  • Arif Zaman (Mathematician)
  • Adil Najam (Ex-VC LUMS and Dean Boston University)


Top 11 Business Schools in Pakistan

Lahore School of Economics (LSE) is a research-based university situated in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Commissioned by the Government of Pakistan in 1997, LCE operates independently with around 200 faculty members and 3000 students enrolled in various undergraduate and graduate programs. LSE consists of two institutes under its shelter that provides research and training for economics, business, and international development.

LSE is an institute that holds a very high reputation in the field of business studies in Pakistan and the world. People who graduate from LSE have higher probabilities of working for Multinational Corporations, Banking Sectors, and becoming Entrepreneurs. Lahore School of Economics was ranked the 2nd best business school of Pakistan by HEC’s business category rankings amongst 91 business schools from all over the country.

LSE’s distinguished graduates are making Pakistan proud all over the world. Some of those names are:

  • Ehsan Riaz (Pakistan Politician)
  • Anusheh Asad (TV Artists)
  • Kashmala Tariq (Federal Ombudsperson)
  • Maiza Hameed (Member of National Assembly Pakistan)


Top 11 Business Schools in Pakistan
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University of Punjab located in Lahore is one of the best business schools in Punjab. It was established in the year 1999. According to the Higher Education Commission rankings, the University of Central Punjab is ranked as the 7th best business school in Pakistan. The efficient and hardworking graduates from UCP make their own way uniquely into the business market. They are polished and ready for the business world. Alongside business, the UCP also provides other faculties such as the Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Arts, and Faculty of social sciences. They also provide a lot of Ph.D. programs, their excellent and renowned faculty offers generalized MS programs in major functional areas of business. The institute strives to meet international standards, and therefore they have restructured their BBA & MBA programs by introducing diversified market-based majors by adopting the best teaching staff.

UCP Lahore has produced great artists and the most renowned alumni including

  • Atif Aslam (singer, actor)
  • Sanam Chaudhary (actress)
  • Rutaba Yaqub (singer)


Top 11 Business Schools in Pakistan

Iqra University in Karachi is located in the industrial area of the city. It is no doubt, the most trusted and famous university in Karachi attracting large masses towards its excellent range of programs in business, social sciences, and engineering. Iqra University is the leading university in Karachi and highly reputated in the business field. Iqra business graduates are high on demand and are offered jobs first and foremost. This institute has the most experienced teaching faculty including a very reasonable fee structure as compared to other business schools. Iqra University manages to grab the top positions every year in the Higher Education Commission’s ranking for the best business schools in Pakistan.

Some well-known alumni of Iqra University are

  • Sana Sarfaraz (Actress)
  • Shujaat Khan (researcher)
  • Aimal Wali Khan (politics)


Top 11 Business Schools in Pakistan

The School of Business and Economics at the University of Management and Technology (UMT) is located in Lahore. It is ranked in the top few business schools of Pakistan. The corporate world at home and abroad acknowledges the Excellency of its programs. UMT was established in 1990 as a project of ILM Trust, the University of Management and Technology, then renamed the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), has evolved into a trustworthy institution of business education in the country. It is also one of the best BBA universities in Pakistan. Their success is reaching new boundaries and the high teaching and research standards make it the right choice for business education. It is recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) as a “W4” category (highest rank) university, UMT Lahore is also the first in Punjab amongst medium-sized universities in the general category.

UMT has produced the best and polished professional personalities. Some of its alumni include

  • Misbah Ul Haq ( cricketer/coach)
  • Sara Naveed (author)
  • Sajjad Karim (former member of European parliament)


Top 11 Business Schools in Pakistan
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IBS is the best business school in Islamabad. It is one of the leading BBA universities in Islamabad. It is the newly established institute in Islamabad and it is slowly jumping to the top when it comes to its business education. It is known for its prestigious and quality education in the field of business. Islamabad Business School (IBS) is an Excellent, Effective, and Efficient institute for business education and has the capability to produce skilled, morally responsible, smart, and competitive graduates. It has a very reasonable fee structure as well.


Top 11 Business Schools in Pakistan
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Institute of business technology (IBT) also well known as Ilma University is a very notable university in Karachi. It is a private institute in Karachi.IBT is considered one of the best BBA universities in Karachi. Institute of business technology (IBT) offers a wide range of programs. This institute was established in 2001 but is hitting the high rakings in very little time. According to the Higher Education Commission, the Institute of business technology is ranked as the 9th best university in Pakistan. It made its name among the best business schools in Pakistan. The institute provides other programs such as management sciences, computer science, software engineering, and media science.


Well friends, these were the top business schools in Pakistan according to the ratings and rankings of 2020. Hope your business school hunt is sorted out! Hope you learned something about how important such information can be. Share this article with your friends or family members who are planning to apply for business schools soon. Good luck!

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