Top 10 Pakistani Tiktok Stars With Millions of Fans


TikTok is a Chinese owned social platform for video sharing. Users in Tiktok can shoot and edit 15-second videos and flavor them with different and amazing filters, music, video animations, transitions, and so forth. This also allows users to post comments, like and share it on other social media platforms and applications. Do you know the Top 10 TikTok Video Stars in Pakistan?

It has become very popular in Pakistan in the past two years. There is a huge number of TikTok Video Making skilled people whose age ranges between 15 years to 60 years or more probably. People come up and showcase different skills through videos but there are some very popular profiles in Pakistan on TikTok who gained a lot of fame in Pakistan through this social platform. Below are Top 10 TikTok Videos Stars of Pakistan updated as of Feb 2021.

Popular Pakistani Tiktok Stars In 2021

TikTok Star No. 1: Jannat Mirza

Top 10 TikTok Video Stars
No. 1 TikTok Star in Pakistan

Jannat Mirza belongs to Faisalabad. She is the most famous and the most beautiful TikTok star and first among the Top 10 TikTok Video Stars. She Ranks number 1 on TikTok in Pakistan. She has 7.9 Million Tiktok followers and 153.8 Million video likes. However, she only has 15 followings. She receives a lot of appreciation through comments and likes on each video. She has also got a chance to work in a Pakistani movie. She also performs in promotional video ads. She also promotes different clothing brands in Pakistan. She has almost a million fans on Instagram too. Her videos are based on acting.

TikTok Star No. 2: Kanwal Aftab

No. 2 TikTok Star in Pakistan

Kanwal works for as a host. She is another cutest star among the Top 10 TikTok Video Stars Pakistan. Different organizations reach her for the brand shoot because of her beauty. She is counted among very expensive stars in Pakistan. She has 7.7 Million Tiktok followers and 200.9 Million likes on her videos. She only follows 17 people on Tiktok.

TikTok Star No. 3: Zul Qarnain Sikandar

No. 3 TikTok Star in Pakistan

Zulqarnain Sikandar, another one among the Top 10 TikTok Video Stars, belongs to Gujrat city. He is a very famous talented star of TikTok with a huge following. He is liked due to his lipsing on different dialogues and songs. His videos are always interesting. He has 7.4 Million Tiktok followers and 389.7 Million likes on videos. But he follows only 26 people. He has almost 400K followers on Instagram too. He also shoots for different brands and promotional videos.

TikTok Star No. 4: Malik Usman Asim

No. 4 TikTok Star in Pakistan

Malik Usman is considered a very famous comedian on TikTok and among the top 10 TikTok Video Stars. He also sometimes spread beautiful philanthropic messages through his videos. He belongs to Wazirabad and he is professionally a shopkeeper. People thought as he is a shopkeeper and a religious person, he can not get famous. But his untiring efforts paid him off and he is a very famous TikTok Star and knows as ‘Famous Molvi’. He has 7.0 Million TikTok followers and 250 Million likes on TikTok videos (Download TikTok Here). But he only follows 31 people.

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TikTok Star No. 5: Alishba Anjum

No. 5 TikTok Star in Pakistan

Alishba belongs to Faisalabad. She is sister of Jannat Mirza. She usually makes lipsing videos on dancing and dialogues videos. She also has a wide follower base. She also performs different brand shoots for clothing brands and is very expensive. She has 6.0 Million TikTok followers and 121.0 Million likes on her videos. She only follows 30 people.

TikTok Star No. 6: Areeqa Haq

No. 6 TikTok Star in Pakistan

Areeqa Haq is considered another cutest and very stylish TikTok star from Karachi. She has a very huge fan base. She usually makes slomo videos. She is the only TikTok star with more than a million Instagram followers. She has 5.9 Million Tiktok followers and received 158.3 Million likes on her videos. She never followed anyone on TikTok. She is not very outgoing and doesn’t usually participate in public and social events.

TikTok Star No. 7: Sehar Hayyat

No. 7 TikTok Star in Pakistan

Sehar Hayyat is very famous for her beauty. She is among the list of Top 10 TikTok Video Stars since long. She usually makes dance videos and slomo videos. She also does lipsing on poetry lines. She has 5.7 Million Tiktok followers and 121.0 Million video likes. She has 0.5 Million followers on Instagram and she is also followed by different clothing brands.

TikTok Star No. 8: Dolly Fashion

No. 8 TikTok Star in Pakistan

Dolly belongs to Lahore and she owns a beauty saloon in Lahore. She is very famous for her long hair and beautiful dressing. She has 5.3 million followers and 129.0 Million video likes. She only follows 11 people. Her videos are very famous on Tiktok. She usually had videos with Phoolllu on TikTok.

TikTok Star No. 9: Phoollu (Toqeer Abbas)

No. 9 TikTok Star in Pakistan

Phoolllu whose his real name is Toqeer Abbas has become very famous on Tiktok due to his funny videos. He usually makes fun of English in videos. He has 5.1 Million followers on Tiktok and 173.2 Million video likes. His funny English videos are likes by many. Interestingly, he was not able to make his TikTok account and one of his friends helped him make his account on Tiktok. Many people have started making videos on Tiktok after being inspired by Toqeer Abbas.

TikTok Star No. 10: Aalleey – Ali Fayyaz

No. 10 TikTok Star in Pakistan

Ali Fayyaz with his Tiktok ID Aalleey is very famous on TikTok. He has 4.4 Million followers on Tiktok and 166.0 million likes on videos. He has only followed 19 people so far. He used to make videos with Sehar Hayyat. He has also worked on an album with Sehar Hayyat.

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