How To Unblock PTA Blocked Phone In Pakistan?


If your mobile has been blocked by PTA and you want to know how to unblock your mobile from PTA, then here is a simple step by step guide to answer your query.

Why PTA blocked mobile phones?

One of the most significant Tax reforms made by the new PTI government is the mobile registration tax. Previously no device required any kind of registration when it reached Pakistan from abroad. This was a great opportunity for the smuggling business to bloom. To keep the record of all the mobile phone devices that are being used in Pakistan, the government directed PTA to register all the existing devices and collect tax over the phones that were imported into Pakistan. All the pre-existing devices were automatically considered as registered at that time.

Since then, PTA collects tax on all the mobile phones that are brought into Pakistan by individuals or mobile selling companies. To this date, people think of registering a mobile phone from PTA as a very difficult task but the truth is that it is not difficult at all. To avoid this simply check whether the device is registered by PTA or not before buying. For this simply send the IMEI number of the device to 8484 through a text and you will get the status of the device.

What is IMEI number?

IMEI is an abbreviation of International Mobile Equipment Identification. This is a unique 15-digit number that is assigned to every device that uses a SIM card. This number is written on the box of the phone and it can also be known by dialing a specific code that varies from brand to brand of different mobile phones.

How to unblock mobile from PTA?

The first question that crosses your mind after you stumble upon a non-PTA-approved mobile is that how to unblock PTA blocked phone, well, don’t worry we are here to guide you in detail. Follow these simple steps to unblock your mobile from PTA:


Search PTA official website on your browser and there you will see the “Online Mobile Registration” tab, click or tap to open it. After the new page will open where you will get an option to log in. Below the login option, you will see a signup button. Click or tap on that button and a new page will open. On the next page on the top, you will see some instructions please read them carefully. When you scroll that page downwards you will see a section in which two questions are being asked. For the purpose select “Personal/individual for mobile/tablets PCs”. Select “Pakistani” as the user type.


 After you select the user type, a whole new section will pop up. Some details like name, phone number, city, and postal address will be asked. Keep in mind that only international travelers will have to enter their passport numbers. After adding these details set a password and then click or tap on submit.


After submitting your details open your email inbox in another tab because you will receive a verification email on the email ID you have provided. Click or tap on the activation link and it will take you to the login page again. Login to your account and there you will see an option for registering mobile. Choose the most relevant option and proceed. One thing that is worth noting that if you have come from abroad with more than one device then you can register one of those devices for free but you have to pay the relevant taxes for the others.

You will have to add this IMEI number. Keep in mind that if you using a dual SIM phone then it has two IMEI numbers and you have to enter both of them. Submit the form after entering all the relevant details regarding your mobile phone or device. Now you are one step further in the way to unblock mobile from PTA


 After submitting all these details, a new page will load that will show all the details you have to know to pay the tax to unblock blocked mobile phone from PTA. You will get an email and also an SMS in which all the required details will be sent to you including your PSID number and COC ID. You will also get to know the amount of tax you will have to pay to unblock mobile from PTA.


This is the last step to unblock your phone from PTA. You will have to pay the tax. You can pay the tax against your PSID number in any renowned bank of Pakistan like MCB Bank, United Bank Limited, National Bank of Pakistan, and other reputable and well-known banks as well. Even more convenient way to pay tax to unblock your phone from PTA is through an ATM or online banking against your PSID number.

After following all these steps, you can get your device unblocked from PTA. You will be informed by PTA through an SMS and email that your device has been approved by PTA and it won’t be blocked in the future.


How to unblock mobile from PTA free?

There is only one condition in which you can get your mobile registered by PTA for free. It is when you travel abroad and bring multiple devices with you. In that case, you get to register one device for free but you have to pay relevant taxes for the other devices. Only one device can be registered free of cost in the period of one year.

Does unblocking your mobile phone from PTA takes time?

It can be done in minutes if you follow the steps mentioned above

How to unblock mobile from PTA without tax?

You have to pay the taxes to unblock the blocked mobile phone from PTA.


PTA has blocked all the mobile phones that were not approved by PTA. This was done to keep a record of all the mobile devices being used in Pakistan. If your phone has been blocked by PTA, then in this article you can find a guide on how to unblock blocked mobile phones from PTA. After following these steps and paying your taxes you can unblock mobile from PTA in a couple of minutes.

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