Avoid These 6 Types of Friends For Happier Life

Avoid These 6 Types of Friends For Happier and Success Life
Image by Matheus Ferrero From unsplash

You meet your friends every day. Especially if you go to school, college, or university, you will meet them every day. Friendship is a very good thing, but false friendships or friends you don’t know are hundreds of times worse than strangers or maybe even enemies. Strangers or people who have nothing to do with you at least don’t bother you in any way and the saddest thing is that the friends I’m talking to. You should Avoid These 6 Types of Friends For Happier Life.

If you don’t recognize them, keep sticking with them or spend time with them, you don’t even know, then gradually you become like them and one day your standard will be the same where you have these friends. Here I am talking about seven such friends they never lets you be happy. And they keep tormenting you with some kind of mental and emotional anguish.

Avoid These 6 Types of Friends For Happier Life

1. Backbiting friends

The first type of friend you should avoid is the friend who keeps talking behind your back. You will never hear from a third person about your friends that your friends have praised you. Whenever such friends talk to a third servant, they will always treat you with contempt. Even if you have to be praised somewhere, they never praise you openly.

On the contrary, they often bring a point where they not present you as so good. Such friends usually do not only talk to you in front of others but also talk to their other friends in front of you. And a simple rule of thumb is that if you think a friend of yours is talking to you against your other friends, chances are your friend is talking to other people about you.

Often you find out from a third servant, which friend said this about you. You told someone your secret, but your friend doesn’t care. But when you find out, your mind is full of anger for many days. You keep wondering to yourself why your friend did that.

It takes you a long time to forget that you are suffering from stress and tension. And by the time you start talking about it, something like this happens and if you have a friend who talks behind your back and you are often upset about it, try to get rid of it slowly.

2. Hypocritical friends

The second type includes friends who are always critical of you and never encourage you or give you any advice. If you tell such friends about your big plan and you know that the plan is very good and it will make a big pleasant change in your life but this friend of yours will openly try to discourage you.

And they only draw your attention to the negative things. They often say that if this doesn’t happen then what will happen. If it does happen then you will keep going but you never really encourage them. Nor do they try to be your arm. They try their best not to let your life go in a good direction and you don’t go beyond them.

3. Idle friends

The third type includes friends who are not doing anything, who have no specific purpose in life, and who keep you with them. If you plan to do something, they think you should read for a while but then you get a call or a message from them saying come out and you go out. You waste your precious time hanging out with such friends.

But it doesn’t matter to your friends because they have their own time to waste. That is, they are not sincere with themselves and their future, but by spending time with their friends, you either become like them or you do not get anything.

If you want to be something, hang out with friends who want to be something themselves. Spending time with friends will motivate you to do something yourself.

4. Competing Friends

The fourth type of friend is the friend who is always in tune with your competition. When these friends go around with you, their heart makes them want every servant to pay attention to them and understand them better if you tell such friends that If you have progressed or you have benefited from something else or you have become something else, then their face becomes pale.

And often the smell of jealousy can be felt on their face and behavior. If they greet you, the hollowness of their face eats away even though these people call themselves your friend and with you. They talk but they are very jealous of you and they are afraid that you will not get better.

Often these friends make fun of you and if you make a mistake they laugh at you instead of consoling you. These friends don’t miss any opportunity to insult or argue with you but they do. Are like you’re kidding.

5. Stubborn/bull-headed friends

The fifth types of friends are friends who always try to persuade you and use you as their helper. These friends do not like any of your ideas or plans. Or if you express a desire, they never take it seriously but always do as they please. If they want to go somewhere, they have to go to their favorite place.

If you believe the ten words of these friends, then it is your turn to go somewhere and believe one thing.

These friends also use you as their helper. They talk openly with you about their confusion and issues and lighten the burden of your heart, but you are afraid to talk to them and do not know whether your secret will be safe or not.

6. Ever-lying friends

Colleagues and the last type of friends are all those who lie to you and use you as a second option. The friendship of such friends is only a matter of words. Don’t like to read Promises to you aside but don’t keep, and often lies. Even if you ask for some kind of help, they avoid it by lying that they have big problems and As far as lying is concerned, lying is not only told orally but also silence on a particular occasion can be termed as a lie.

Such friends often use you as a second option and if they find a replacement for you, they do not hesitate to leave you and join them. If you are dealing with these types of friends and you think that you are often unhappy because of them

And if you want to succeed in society and be happy, then slowly try to get rid of them. Do you really have friends of these types in your life?