Top 10 Free Online Courses In Pakistan (With Certification)

Top 10 Free Online Courses In Pakistan (With Certification)

Free Online courses help in gaining skills in a relatively short period of time.  Also, online setup helps when you can’t travel due to any reason, maybe due to your job stress or any other reason. Nowadays, you don’t need to get tense about these things because of the effective online learning system.

Also, if you are getting something without money, it gives you relief from many worries. Numerous educational platforms offer their online teaching services, and some are free of cost.

If you also want to know about the platforms working and bestowing their services in Pakistan, read on! You can avail yourself of these opportunities without going out and without spending a single penny.

Here are the 10 best free online courses in Pakistan that also provide certificates after completion. We’ve also included the popular International online course setups; you can get them in Pakistan.

1. Digiskills

Digiskills is a vast platform developed by Pakistan’s government with an initiative to educate people with digital skills. It was launched in 2018 to boost and train people for self-employment.

This includes one of the most popular online learning platforms in Pakistan. A large number of students are getting skills free of cost here.

The portal offers various demanding courses in technical and non-technical niches. It trains students from basic to advanced levels and also provides them with certificates.

The different learning programs of Digiskills include freelancing, e-commerce, digital marketing, graphic designing, WordPress, SEO, QuickBooks, AutoCAD, digital literacy, and creative writing. Additionally,  it is spreading knowledge without any restrictions on age and strict education requirements.

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2. Udemy

Udemy is the most significant online learning setup that facilitates a large number of people through its authentic way of describing. 

It covers a wide range of demanding skills. It provides 65,000 different online courses with superior-quality educational content.  Udemy offers both free and paid course materials to fulfill the desires of modern technology.

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3. Pakistan Institute of Computer Science

PICS is an official platform which is empowering students with the latest technical knowledge. This Institute is working to deliver high-quality education at home. Similarly, it works for polishing the skills of people for online marketplaces.

Currently, it is offering a total of 2165 technical and non-technical courses. These include business, management,  IT,  medical science, engineering communication, languages, and other educational programs. Some of their diplomas and certifications are free of cost to benefit people.

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4. Online Courses at Harvard

The world’s best and most reputed university, Harvard, offers well-designed online courses with certificates. Undoubtedly, these courses count as luminous stars on the CVs.

On this comprehensive platform, people get a chance to learn from the best teachers in the world. Harvard gives a wide range of business, IT,  computer science, science, health, and medical certificates. Some of their courses are paid, and some are free.

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5. Coursera

One of the top-rated online learning platforms is Coursera, with more than 25 million registered students. It offers extensive categories of online courses. These topics include science, marketing, business, and engineering. It also supports the students with its considerable personal E-library. 

Coursera is a credible and reliable site that conveys approximately 2,000 online program materials. This online portal’s certificates are of great value and a sure way to enhance the selected topic’s skill set and knowledge. However, the website offers both accredited and unaccredited courses.

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6. Alison

Alison is also a large free online education portal delivering its services worldwide. It is certified by CPD UK Continuing Professional Development.

The site mainly focuses on workplace-based skills advancement. It has 17 million registered learners and provides free access to 2,000 available course materials with certificates and diplomas.

Moreover, it offers the best services without limitations; Pakistanis can also avail of this site.

It is interesting to know that over 1.5 million people all around the world have an Alison course on their CV. The top benefit of accessing Alison is that it allows the users to complete their programs without any time constraints.

Website Link:

7. MDi Pakistan Online Training

MDi Pakistan is working to educate and train people in technical and business areas. It offers free course materials to stabilize the country’s economy.

It mainly strives to give business, entrepreneurship, IT, marketing, writing, and communication skills. MDI is another authorized platform to get a free online course in Pakistan.

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8. Virtual Academy

Virtual Academy is an e-learning platform that helps people to obtain skills online. It gives the students access to the most skilled and experienced mentors. Students can take help from its various features for comfortable and practical learning.

It offers training in freelancing, blogging, WordPress, basic computer skills, and programming. Their free courses with certificates are a good source of skills to compete with daily life’s challenging demands.

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9. Omni Academy

Another online portal in Pakistan is Omni, serving people with 1000+ free online and on-campus courses. This Institute provides people with a wide range of courses with certificates and diplomas to boost their careers.

The main topics it covers are Science, Digital Marketing, Information Security, Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Machine Learning and AI, Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, and SAP ERPFREE.

Besides, Omni Academy gives free online and on-campus training and workshops to bestow students with a chance to implement their knowledge practically.

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The unique educational website is one of the sources to obtain reasonable knowledge. also delivers online tuition from grade 7 to bachelor’s level along with entrance test preparation.

Here, people can also attain benefits from some of their free online courses and training. 

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Now, you can quickly visit these 10 best free online courses available in Pakistan to choose your prerogative from their vast lists. The certificate from these reputed institutes will be a plus point in your CVs.

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