How To Track Mail With Express Mail Track And Trace System (EMTTS)?


If you are using Pakistan Post’s Express mail track and trace system (EMTTS) for the first time and are conscious about how you can track your mail, hold on!

Below we’ve written down complete guidelines about this tracking system; you need to know. It includes information about EMTTS, mail, tracking id, tracking procedure, plus the process to register your complaints.

Read it till the end to understand it better.

Pakistan Post’s Express Mail Track And Trace System (EMTTS)

Pakistan post is one of the prominent and trustworthy posting services. It operates under the self-reliant “Services Postal Management Board ” to give a full range of delivery and valid facilities to the customers.

This largest posting operator has 44,000 employees that are serving more than 50 million people.

Furthermore, it has a cavalcade of 5,000 vehicles for the conventional “at the door” service at its network of 13,419 post offices across the country.

There is some other named posting service operating in Pakistan. However, Pakistan post is on the top of all due to its upgrading services. It is continuously modernizing its technology to compete with its competitors, and one addition to this is EMTTS.

Pakistan post has inaugurated the Express mail track and trace system with the motto” Delivery and Information at lightning speed.” This service is available in 14 dominant cities across Pakistan.

It is also known as the same-day service because it ensures that parcels deliver the next day when the order is placed.

There are several benefits you can reap from this superior service. This system of tracking of Parcel, Package, Packet, and Shipment gives the delivery status details instantly. Besides, the EMTTS online tracking system is 24/7 available to answer all inquiries.

How Can I Get My Tracking ID?

After posting your pack, this is the thing that is essential to understand. The service gives a unique code to every parcel, which is called its tracking id. These are the unique numbers/code assigned to packages for convenience and allows the customers to observe the direction of time and location sensitive deliveries.

If you have a query, how could you get your tracking ID read on? It’ll be sent to you via message on your provided contact number. Also, via email, if you’ve given it to them.

This id permits you to track your parcels, ensuring that you must receive them by Pakistan post after registering your package.

How To Track Mail With EMTTS?

You can get updates about your parcel or document delivery status through Pakistan post’s Express mail track and trace system. It is very useful and reliable to keep an eye on internal shipments with this online service.

You need to follow these effortless instructions to track your parcels:

How To Track Mail With Express Mail Track And Trace System (EMTTS)
  1. Open the Pakistan post’s Express mail track and trace system
  2. There on the upper left corner, you’ll see a field “Tracking id.”
  3. Write down your parcel’s allotted tracking id number in the empty field.
  4. Then, click on the “magnifying glass” icon below the field to start searching.
  5. Finally, you’ll be directed to the page of details.

Pakistan Post EMTTS Complaint Centre

Pakistan post keeps customer satisfaction on their priorities. Therefore, to deal with any unhappy situation and for clients’ better experience, the EMTTS complaint centre is available.

Contact details

So, for all your queries and complaints, you can contact any of these numbers.

Phone No: 051-111-111-117

Phone No: 051-8487080

Phone No: 051-8840360

Email Address:

You can also register your complaints through

How To Register A Complaint About EMTTS?

If you have any issues regarding your mail, you can utilize this service. The complaint registration procedure of Pakistan post is quick and straightforward.

To proceed, you just need to fill an easy form( as you can see below the Screenshot) with relevant details.


How To Track Mail With Express Mail Track And Trace System (EMTTS)
  • Firstly, write the article number allotted to your mail by the post office.
  • Now, enter the complainant’s name and mobile phone number in the fields.
  • Write down your exact booking date and select your district and GPO from the options.
  • Then, you can see two compartments(side by side). In the first, add the sender’s details, and the second is for the Booking Office information.
  • Also, you can add your remarks and attach a file (if any) and then finally click on submit to finalize the procedure.
  • You’ll be notified about the action on your complaint through your provided email address or phone number.


The express mail track and trace system (EMTTS) is a step to advancement by Pakistan post. This service helps the senders to get updated about their mails. The details mentioned above will assist you in grabbing all the information you were looking for before.

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